Liz’s Blog | GranDeco Arrivals

Hi Liz here, well today we have been busy adding some new products to our wallpaper collections, we have taken delivery of a great selection of GranDeco wallpapers. The patterns are from their Akoya, Kynzo 3, Florient, Impressions, Salinas and Metropolitan pattern books, we are able to bring these to you with a huge saving over their book prices which range from £29 to £37, so please have a look through and let us know what you think. I really want to see how your decorating has gone, so I... Read More

Welcome to Liz’s Blog !

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name as you can guess is Liz, I work within the Home Flair Decor team and I want to give you an inside look at the company. I hope to share with you what’s happening here and what we have coming up in the future. What’s exciting about this for me is that this blog is interactive, I want read your thoughts so please post your comments.   Liz Liz’s Blog

Liz’s Blog | Glitter Fever!

I’ve taken down our tree and packed away our tinsel, although Christmas is over here at Home Flair Decor I will vow NOT to get the January blues! With the decorations now stored away I don’t want to let go of the sparkle, I have a confession… I’m hooked! Yet it seems I’m not alone… You’re hooked too! Who can blame us, with the amount of amazing wallpapers with added sparkling glitter that our fantastic buyers keep ordering in from our suppliers. So to help you sift through the sea... Read More

Liz’s Blog | Border Hoarders!

If you were to take a look in the border room of our warehouse I’m sure you would agree it is something of a library! Shelves are packed full, and tower high! High above the tallest team members reach…too many for us to keep track of at times. This week I was nominated for the delightful job of “organising” said room sorting all the borders in numerical/alphabetical/or supplier order. For most this could be seen ad tedious, yet I found strangely therapeutic?! You may not know, but we only have... Read More

Liz’s Blog | Love Your Walls This Valentines!

As a single lady on valentines day it can be difficult to occupy ones time when waiting for the usual mountain of cards to come through the door 😉 . So I thought id share the love and take a picture of all our beautiful heart adorned wallpapers and borders. We hope you samples don\’t get lost under all your valentines day post! Happy Valentines Day To All Our Customers! To View The Above Products Click Here.   Liz

Lizs Blog | Liz is back! Designer on the brain!

Hello my fellow decorators I hope you have all been well? Liz here, just got back from a week in New York, America, so I’m feeling refreshed and inspired! After casually….ok, over excitedly, strolling….more like running, down 5th Avenue FAR too many times than is really healthy I feel inundated by designer names, so I thought this was the perfect chance to finish off telling you about our designer collections. I have previously wrote to you about our designer wallpaper collection by Chinese power house Steve Leung, and I spent... Read More

Liz’s Blog | Co-ordinated Sorted!

Hi! Liz here! I get so many of you contacting me because you’ve found a feature wallpaper on Home Flair Decor that you love, but when it comes to co-ordinating papers and accessories you just don’t know where to start! So, when I had a little time free earlier, I put together some co-ordinated combinations which you might find inspiring. You can find all the links below to make it a little easier to find these items in the store!  

Liz’s Blog | Seasons Change

Hi all! With Autumn officially beginning on the 22nd of September we’ve been reminiscing today, at Home Flair’s hot summer! This time round you guys have loved our statement stripes especially in monochrome, selling out our room 20 stripe in black, silver and white. In contrast we’ve had a rush on minimalist glamour, taupe’s and golds dusted with glitter and ivory’s and creams with soft shimmer finishes. But enough about that, I’m excited about what’s next! What will autumn bring? The buyers have got wallpaper show upon wallpaper show booked... Read More

Liz’s Blog | Spring Has Sprung!

Hi all, Where to start..? Well its been ages since my last blog and I’m sorry its been so long, we have been super busy! So what have we been up to – well we have been improving our internal systems and warehousing to streamline the way we process all your orders. Our wallpapers and borders have been reorganised and distributed between our warehouses, our cushions have been re-grouped and the pattern room (where all your samples come from) has been expanded and consolidated with the content team. With both... Read More

Liz’s Blog | Helping Out With DIY SOS!

Hi All, In the middle of January I was looking through our twitter feed ( @homeflairdecor ) and I spotted a call for help from DIY SOS, they were requesting help and materials in the local area. With us only being in the next town I spoke with the rest of our team and we put ourselves forward to help. We heard back from them very quickly were informed about the situation of the family they wanted to help, I\’m not able to expand on the this as it may... Read More