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Hello my fellow decorators I hope you have all been well? Liz here, just got back from a week in New York, America, so I’m feeling refreshed and inspired!

After casually….ok, over excitedly, strolling….more like running, down 5th Avenue FAR too many times than is really healthy I feel inundated by designer names, so I thought this was the perfect chance to finish off telling you about our designer collections.

I have previously wrote to you about our designer wallpaper collection by Chinese power house Steve Leung, and I spent a whole week drooling over American names like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren! But we know we don’t have to travel that far afield to view amazing designs, the UK has given us Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood. Well we give you…..drum roll please…. Julien MacDonald!

Now Although it is hard to believe with the continuing bouts of snow, we are now meant to be right in the heart of spring time and so I’ve been looking at ways to brighten up my friends and families rooms to help keep their spirits up until the summer comes and hopefully brings us some sun! *fingers crossed*. Julien MacDonald is the perfect candidate. Now this guy knows how to play with light! His years producing Haute Couture for the catwalks around the world means he knows how to grab attention and make the most of any space. He has created some of the most illuminating wallcoverings I’ve come across in all my years of decorating. In particular the glimmerous white, which uses a change in texture to create depth, so you can get all his wonderful intricate swirls, bows and flowers he has so thoughtfully wound into his design without any harsh lines or space invading colours.

His stripes are ultra glamorous and his Jewel range exotic and dramatic.

He has given us modern colour combinations like pink and stone if you want a bolder effect and soft taupe’s for an expensive and luxurious look. Julien MacDonald seems to win whatever the weather in my eyes. I’ve been keeping an eye on him through Twitter, it was his birthday recently and he re-tweeted our birthday wishes which was fun! I love his new summer 13 collection, here’s hoping he designs us some more pretty stuff for our homes!


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