Back In Time


Ultimate Guide to Giving Your Home an 80s Makeover

Aesthetically, 80’s fashion screamed headbands, spandex, big hair and shoulder pads – all flaunting bright, clashing colours with seemingly random geometric shapes and sizes. Therefore, it's absolutely no surprise the emergence of those bold colours and patterns became popular in home interiors.


Bringin’ back the 20s, Home Flair style

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to refer to the 1920’s as the birth era of home interior design, or at least as we know it. The decade is commonly known and referred to as the roaring 20’s, and it isn’t without good reason.


Bringin’ back the 30s, Home Flair style

The Art Deco movement had a big influence on the design of buildings, furniture, jewellery and fashion in the 30s and can still be seen today in fashion, architecture and interior design. Take a look at these 1930s decor ideas to add to your home.