Liz’s Blog | Border Hoarders!

If you were to take a look in the border room of our warehouse I’m sure you would agree it is something of a library! Shelves are packed full, and tower high! High above the tallest team members reach…too many for us to keep track of at times. This week I was nominated for the delightful job of “organising” said room sorting all the borders in numerical/alphabetical/or supplier order. For most this could be seen ad tedious, yet I found strangely therapeutic?! You may not know, but we only have about a third of all our wallpaper borders in the online store…we have hundreds!

Now at Home Flair our buyers have a terrible affliction; they see something they like and they have to have it! So as I can began to see structure and order forming amidst the floral’s and stripes, in floats a delivery note for yet more wallpaper borders…not for one, but twenty new borders! These boxes weren’t all small, compact and regimented they were all rather odd. Some were super wide and of varying heights, stranger than usual, my thoughts were “how on earth will these fit into my newly structured room?! I overcame this problem without making a sharp exit!

As I opened the boxes up one by one, I felt my will soften…..soft neutral patterns appeared in deeply blown vinyl; finely detailed oriental scenes in orange and gold, slim delicate textured florals (one of which has already gone out to a customer before it was even online!). The best in my opinion however, had to be the kids borders. Two new chunky 9” wallpaper borders depicting spaceships and aeroplanes! Im a geek!

A red and black skull and cross bones wallpaper border came out as my favourite, my nephew would just love it!

So I suppose I could make room for them at home…..somewhere 😀


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