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Be Inspied By Home Flair Decor Design!

Hello, welcome to the design inspiration blog from Home Flair Decor Design, we want to highlight the latest trends in home decor and how you can acheive the look with us! We will post new looks, themes and designs here every week for you to keep up to date in the world of home fashion. Feel free to comment about any thing you see here. We also welcome ideas of products you are interested in, so let us know if you want more added to our online store! Home Flair... Read More

Decorating | Hints, Tips and Techniques!

Hello and welcome to what will become a very helpful guide over the coming months. With this blog we hope to build up a great information source for all our customers to use if they need that little extra help with any aspect of decorating. So if you are having trouble wallpapering around a wall socket, window or even a radiator, then check here and we will have the answer! The Home Flair Decor Team

Liz’s Blog | GranDeco Arrivals

Hi Liz here, well today we have been busy adding some new products to our wallpaper collections, we have taken delivery of a great selection of GranDeco wallpapers. The patterns are from their Akoya, Kynzo 3, Florient, Impressions, Salinas and Metropolitan pattern books, we are able to bring these to you with a huge saving over their book prices which range from £29 to £37, so please have a look through and let us know what you think. I really want to see how your decorating has gone, so I... Read More

Welcome to Liz’s Blog !

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name as you can guess is Liz, I work within the Home Flair Decor team and I want to give you an inside look at the company. I hope to share with you what’s happening here and what we have coming up in the future. What’s exciting about this for me is that this blog is interactive, I want read your thoughts so please post your comments.   Liz Liz’s Blog

Design Inspiration | Make an impact with a Feature Wall

Create a focal point with Home Flair Decor’s feature wallpapers and co-ordinates to give your home a fresh new style. Whether you want to make a bold statement in your living room or give your bedroom or study a fresh new look, a feature wall is a contemporary and stylish addition to any decorating scheme. Here at Home Flair Decor we want to make it even easier to acheive this seasons look with selections from our vast wallcovering collection.     Style Choice There are three designs that spring to... Read More

Liz’s Blog | Glitter Fever!

I’ve taken down our tree and packed away our tinsel, although Christmas is over here at Home Flair Decor I will vow NOT to get the January blues! With the decorations now stored away I don’t want to let go of the sparkle, I have a confession… I’m hooked! Yet it seems I’m not alone… You’re hooked too! Who can blame us, with the amount of amazing wallpapers with added sparkling glitter that our fantastic buyers keep ordering in from our suppliers. So to help you sift through the sea... Read More

Liz’s Blog | Border Hoarders!

If you were to take a look in the border room of our warehouse I’m sure you would agree it is something of a library! Shelves are packed full, and tower high! High above the tallest team members reach…too many for us to keep track of at times. This week I was nominated for the delightful job of “organising” said room sorting all the borders in numerical/alphabetical/or supplier order. For most this could be seen ad tedious, yet I found strangely therapeutic?! You may not know, but we only have... Read More


Design Inspiration | Designer Walls pt.1 Steve Leung

When you walk into your room do you want to feel part of something special? When we get to be part of the worlds leading designers new collections we feel like VIP’s! Now here at Home Flair Decor we know a thing or too about what looks great, but like you we also look for a name we know and trust. Graham and Brown are just that, awarded cool brand status for the third year in a row, we know we will love their exclusive designer collaborations.   So if... Read More