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Hi all!

With Autumn officially beginning on the 22nd of September we’ve been reminiscing today, at Home Flair’s hot summer! This time round you guys have loved our statement stripes especially in monochrome, selling out our room 20 stripe in black, silver and white. In contrast we’ve had a rush on minimalist glamour, taupe’s and golds dusted with glitter and ivory’s and creams with soft shimmer finishes.

But enough about that, I’m excited about what’s next! What will autumn bring? The buyers have got wallpaper show upon wallpaper show booked in, the holidays are well and truly over for them! Over the next month I’ll help keep you updated on what they’ve seen and give you a sneak peak of what’s to come for autumn/winter 2013. If your lucky I should be able to force a little camera into their hands and get us a few snaps!

So don’t worry about your next revamp, Liz is on the case :D.


Liz xxx


Here is a couple from Ideco / GranDeco this week!


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