Ultimate Guide to Giving Your Home an 80s Makeover

Positive vibes from the 80s

The 1980s were the decade of electronic evolution, when Pac-Man, one of the most popular video games of all times was introduced to the world in 1980.


Equally as pioneering, the Walkman and Boomboxes became available across the world, which was the perfect fashion accessory for the 80s oversized clothes and shoulder pads, whilst listening to Duran Duran who frequented Top of the Pops and Live Aid.


One of the most popular music shows on television in the eighties, the Top of the Pops stage was also graced with other iconic artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston, who were the most groundbreaking female artists of the decade.

As we watched other shows including Bullseye, the A-Team and Miami Vice on the television, homes were filled with black ash furniture, patterned wallpaper and contrasting carpets.



The 80s effect on fashion and interiors

The 80’s pop culture naturally filtered through and affected the worlds of fashion and interior. Aesthetically, 80’s fashion screamed headbands, spandex, big hair and shoulder pads – all flaunting bright, clashing colours with seemingly random geometric shapes and sizes. Therefore, the emergence of Memphis design trends, those bold colours and patterns mentioned above came as absolutely no surprise in home interiors.


The Memphis Group was an Italian design and architecture group that designed Postmodern furniture, fabrics, ceramics, glass, and metal objects throughout the 80s.


Applying the 80s style in the modern home

Here are a few ways in which Home Flair Decor’s wallpaper expert Kelly recommends for replicating Memphis designs for an 80’s themed home interior:


1. Geometric Wallpaper

The 1980’s were not only about cutting shapes on Top Of The Pops! The rigidity of mathematical shapes made them an edgy staple in fashion and interior rather than just a funky, futuristic feature.

Lars Contzen Urbanavista Wallpaper by AS Creation

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2. Polkadot Wallpaper

In keeping with the pattern of geometry, polka dots and circle patterns are also an exciting 80’s trend that continues to shape (sorry!) modern home interior trends. More subtle in size than we’ve witnessed scattered throughout 80’s fashion, but fun and stimulating nonetheless. Whether it’s to create a statement wall or to dress a child’s bedroom, we like the delicate playfulness of this lime polka dot wallpaper by Erismann.

Fantasia Wallpaper by Erismann Polkadot Pink by Holden

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3. Floral Wallpaper

Whilst floral definitely doesn’t fall into the bold, geometric wallpaper designs that have been described above, floral wallpaper was definitely a staple feature in most 1980’s homes, especially with the popularity of oversized swag and tails.

Whilst Memphis designs are more symbolic of that decade, it isn’t necessarily what British homes were dressed in during that time.


Como Pastel Rose Wallpaper by P+S International


4. Wallpaper & border mad

The 1980’s were all about contrasting patterns and colours. If you’re looking to stimulate more energy and interest throughout your home, there are fewer decades to replicate than that where, literally, anything goes.


If there’s one thing the 80’s was missing, it was a splash of paint! So for a truly authentic feel, grab a roller and wallpaper adhesives now!


Wallpaper borders rose to popularity in the 80’s, typical of the decade’s tendencies to ‘over decorate’ and be overly matchy-matchy or just simply wacky.

1980’s home interior advice

For more decorating advice on how to take your home back in time to the 80’s, or any other decade, get in touch with our team of wallpaper experts on 0161 729 1686.


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