Bringin’ back the 20s, Home Flair style

Ah, the 1920’s! The decade that graced us with a truly timeless look, and a popular ‘go-to’ for modern day themed events and fancy dress. When we think about the roaring 20’s, our minds revert to eccentric feathered headbands and racy, sequin-covered flapper dresses coated in beads, swinging to the sound of Jazz music from the bodies of tall and lanky Twiggy-like figures, with seemingly never-ending legs. 
Despite the German emergence of Bauhaus and its associated modern architectural approach, 1920’s UK home interior remained elegant, sophisticated and heavily art-deco inspired. If anything, the 20’s were able to combine the best of both worlds; with its dramatic embellishment, over exaggerated Gatsby-designs and a subtle futuristic undertone in the latter half of the decade. 
Why are we starting with the 20’s?
Well, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to refer to the 1920’s as the birth era of home interior design, or at least as we know it. The decade is commonly known and referred to as the roaring 20’s, and it isn’t without good reason.
With WW1 drawing to a close in 1918, economies began to recover and societies began to rebuild as a result. Characterised by dramatic social and political change, the Western world was prospering and much more affluent, with a strong sense of liberalism and increasing consumerism. But it didn’t stop there – said consumers took a more vested interest in the emerging mass culture, particularly music and the arts.  
The growing enthusiasm for arts and design, amongst an audience with flourishing disposable incomes, paved the way for establishing interior design as a recognised occupation. 
How can I bring back the 20’s in my home?
Want a 20’s-inspired home? We don’t blame you!  According to Home Flair Decor’s team of interior experts, here are the top 5 quick-wins to take your home back in time… 
1. Statement Suite
Find a statement chair or sofa, a typically noble and grandiose centre of attention, perhaps of velvet or Chesterfield style. Be dramatic and push your boundaries, but in keeping with the Bauhaus undertone, keep its surroundings a little ‘easier on the eye’. 
2. 1920’s wallpaper
On that note, to achieve a truly 20’s-inspired home interior, you must let your furniture do the talking! However, when it comes to 20’s decor, there’s a fine line between classy and cluttered – so how do you strike a balance, I hear you ask?! The Home Flair Decor team believe the secret here lies in your wallpaper. Keep it simple and avoid boisterous patterns. To achieve this, we’d recommend simple, textured paintable wallpaper to keep an element of interest, or plain wallpaper that consists of a single, subtle colour. Browns, vanilla creams and beiges are a great way to achieve that timeless look and keep your furnishings a focal point.
However, if you’re not one to hold back and want to push the boat out with your 1920’s inspired decor, we’d recommend delving into one of the most favourable patterns of the decade – damask
These decadent patterns give a stunning impact and when toned right will still allow your furniture to shine through, these can even be found in the nouveau style for time ser accuracy.

3. Load it with lamps
Lavish lamps, everywhere! Mix and match; fill the room with antique brass wall lamps, vintage lampshades on every table and standing lamps with long glass beading or metal chain embellishments. The more dramatic the better; Tiffany styled stained glass, mosaic and fringed hems – there really is no limit when it comes to lighting your 20’s-inspired room. 
4. Exotic styles
To help you achieve that lavish, luxurious vibe of the 20’s, take furnishing inspiration from far flung foreign territories such as Asia, the Orient and India. These countries have a deep and rich heritage when it comes to design, material tapestry and wooden handicraft. So much so that once upon a day, their goods were so expensive to produce and import, that they were a solid indication of someone’s wealth.
5. Statement lighting
No 1920’s room would be complete without statement lighting. What would typically consist of a noble and flashy, definitely expensive chandelier can now be tastefully mimicked in the form of clear droplet pendant lighting.
You’re in luck! Home Flair Decor stock a wide range of pendants in a vast array of colours, size and style, to suit any 1920’s inspired room.

1920’s Interior Advice
Not sure how to tackle your 20’s theme? Get in touch with an interior expert from Home Flair Decor today on 0161 729 1686.


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