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A look back at Heimtex 2016
Home Flair Decor 6 January 2017

heimtextil Graham Brown thanks to decor directions

With the new year comes new trends and new patterns which we get to take a peek at during Europe's largest trade fair every January in Frankfurt, Germany....Heimtextil.

Let's take a look back at 2016's Heimtextil trends before this years are unveiled to the world. Wallpaper trends were led by “Relaxed Living”, “Slowing Down”, “Cosiness” and “Sensuousness” themes implemented by way of calming introverted over-expressive extroverted designs. These can be characterised by the subtle and sophistication of Monte Verde, visible and tactile relief patterns such as Brooklyn and targeted sparkling accents like Clara.

heimtextil Grandeco

Continuing from the 2015 arrival of metallics and glitters, 2016 increased this selection giving rise to a glamorous style cult seen previously in the fashion world seen here in Carat and Lipsy. Mixtures of gold, copper and silver provided accents to twigg and tree designs with Tranquility, Karma and Birchwood. Florals as well as artistic ornamental elements have not been left out with Crystal, Pietra and Synergy. Also designs that blend using colour, blur and even overlaps to mix into one another, Geometrics elements that transform into organic shapes are also new for 2016.

Focus continued to borrow motifs and reliefs from nature such as sandstone and brick, weathered and driftwood boards, adaptations of stone, suede, cork and bark that can be appreciated tactually as well as visually. Textile and strié effects have continued to be used as a subtle pattern in large spaces and open living using products like Tera Nova.

mini heimtextil rasch

Looking forward to 2017's trends we can foresee continued growth of faux textures and glitter relief designs but let's see what Heimtextil will bring us later this week.