Celebrate National Wallpaper Week 2015!

This week sees the first National Wallpaper Week. To celebrate Wallpaper Week, we have a fantastic competition running on our Facebook and Twitterto win a stunning set of wicker hearts, make sure you check it out.

With Wallpaper Week still in mind we want to take you through the last 100 years of wallpaper. Which designs would you like to see return?



The 1920s was a very glamourous era for both fashion and home decor. These damask style wallpapers epitomise that generation.If you love this style, make sure you check out our San Pietro in Blue & Ivory and Aurora Emblem in Silver & Whitewallpapers.


Striking colours of red, black  and silver in floral trails and animal prints were extremely popular in the 1930’s. Our stunning beige woodland trees and gold terracotta wallpapers are inspired by that era with a modern edge.


The 1940’s post war era brought charming and colourful abstract styles such as these to home walls. They were made to bring about a cheery atmosphere across the UK and America. If bold, colourful designs are your style, you’ll love our Around The World Wallpaper.


In the decade that brought TV’s to the homes of millions, wallpaper really pushed the boundaries of interior design, combining stripes and geometric shapes to form striking colourful designs. If you want to give your home that fifties feel, check out our happy hour squares and fanfare amethyst glitter wallpapers.


With England winning the football World Cup and the first man landing on the moon, the sixties was a very exciting time. This comes across with the bold orange & terracotta colours found on the walls of many British homes, with the flock-effect still a popular choice for many people now who still want to relive those hippy days.


With the release of Jaws and The Exorcist, the 70’s were dark times in movie theatres, whilst back at home bright floral designs decorated the walls, giving the perfect backdrop when listening to new bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols.


The 1980’s saw toys such as the Rubik’s Cube and the Gameboy Colour fill homes all across the UK, but the bright, bold colours were no longer seen on the walls of homes. Instead, homeowners opted for soft colours like these, often with wallpaper borders lining the tops and bottoms of the wall.


Matching curtains and wallpaper were a must for many houses in the nineties! Leafy designs often in aquas and pinks were crucial for living rooms and hallways, with bedrooms often sporting designs that mirrored drawings out of story books.


Nowadays some houses opt for a retro look and choose styles from the decades above, or choose something new. Glittery wallpapers are extremely popular for those wanting to add a bit of glam to their home or reflect more light back into their room. Teenagers are loving designs such as this neon graffiti wallpaper to kit out their “teenage caves”!


What do you expect to see in the future? Given the vast array of designs we’ve seen over the last 100 years, it really could be anything.

However, these are the interior trends we expect to see in 2016:

  • Outdoors


Bring the outdoors in… More and more people are wanting to bring more nature into their lives, whether that is decorating a compact apartment with greenery or expanding your garden space into the home. If you want to bring nature into your home we have some beautiful wall murals, including a tranquil flowing waterfall and a stunning forest at dawn.

  • Geometric tiles


Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home, designers are expecting more home to gravitate towards tile effect wallpapers with geometric patterns.

  • Metallics


In the world of fashion, 50’s and 70’s inspired collections are hot trends right now, and we expect this to be no different when it comes to interior design. Get ready to embrace some retro styles.

Let us know what you think we can expect in 2020; and if you fancy giving your home a fresh new look, check out style finder to help give your home the look you’ve always dreamed off.

If you have any questions give our friendly team a call on 0161 729 1686.



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