Home Flair Decor Provide Wallpaper For CBB House

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother house is brimming with amazing furniture and decorative designs and Home Flair has played a big part in furnishing the CBB house!


We provided the show’s Art Directors with our classic Ceramica White Subway Tile Effect Wallpaper that we think complements this year’s glamorous makeover, with a touch of contemporary white tone design that really captures the eye of all our celebrity guests.

Upon entering the house, they are left to explore the many rooms, take in and admire the unique designs and facilities available in the CBB interior. The above photo of the bathroom demonstrates just how versatile these designs can be with an example of a large statement mirror and the impressive cool white tone wallpaper enhancing depth to create the signature bevelled edge illusion.

Simon Livesey,  Director at Home Flair Decor, said: “We are delighted to supply the popular reality TV series, Celebrity Big Brother, with our most celebrated wallpaper design for the admiration of so many famous faces. We’ve supplied products for thousands of homes across the UK and to now see our designs recognised by Channel 5 is extremely rewarding.”

This featured wallpaper is designed with highly washable simulates tiling for high humidity areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. For those looking to inject a little Hollywood sparkle into their homes for 2016, this beautiful and brilliantly unique wallpaper is perfect!

If you’re impressed with the glamourous new CBB house – look no further! You can find our complete range of wallpaper from popular brands including, Crown, P+S International, Rasch, Vymura and Graham and Brown here.

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