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Nature inspired wallpaper perfect for Summer
Home Flair Decor 12 April 2021
As we welcome Summer into our lives , it is quite normal for us all to be drawn to the outdoors and want to embrace the wonders of nature more.
However, with this year being a little different and being told to stay at home we all long for this more. So have you thought about what if you could stay at home,  with nature?
You may have heard the word “biophilia” being used when talking about home decor and interior design especially. This basically suggests that as humans we possess a tendency to interact or seek connections with nature. It has in fact been proven that people are significantly happier when surrounded by nature! 
That’s why we aim to put a spring in your step, with our captivating selection of botanical and nature-inspired wallpaper collections. These designs are perfect for feature walls or even full room makeovers. 
At Home Flair Decor, we can help you bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors.
We have a variety of wallpaper designs available for you to enjoy from enchanting, natural botanical prints, to an array of tropical and daring patterns. Perfect for promoting creativity in a home office, calm within a bedroom space, or fuelling imagination with a breath-taking jungle-inspired theme in a child's bedroom. 
So, let’s explore a few together…
Adilah White Wallpaper by Superfresco Easy
Journey to paradise.
Graham & Brown  found inspiration for this artistic print from far away shores, taking us on a journey to the exotic from the comfort of our own home via Superfresco Easy. The clean white background on this wallpaper complements the vibrantly coloured blooming vines, leafy palms, and beautiful birds. Adiah uses a matte finish that evenly accepts the light in the room and really does bring your walls to life. Ideal for use in a contemporary setting as a feature wall, produced under the Superfresco Easy label means this wallcovering is a pleasure to hang and achieves brilliant results… even for first-timers.
Honolulu Palm Green Glitter Wallpaper 
It’s time to turn up the heat!
 For this design, Honolulu has been inspired by Julien Macdonald's love for the exotic. This wallpaper features a fine layer of glitter based on a pearl white background, which allows your wall to sparkle in the sunlight. This daring print can be used across all four walls, or can be the perfect print for making an unforgettable feature wall. Other colours are available within this collection, but all designs are paste the wall. This means they are extra easy to hang and fully strippable for when you fancy a change.
New Elegance Baroque Palm Beige Wallpaper by AS Creation 
Embrace the calmness of nature.
This wallpaper is perfect for those who want a subtle and elegant sense of the outdoors. The comforting earth tones of this collection can be combined with abstract patterns or minimal home accessories; to suit your own taste. The gently brush-stroked bamboo palms embrace the calmness of nature and offer a serene atmosphere to any room. This soft-touch wallpaper will cover superficial wall imperfection and is never cold to touch. It is printed on a non-woven ( paste the wall) base which is great for first-time paper hangers.
Hygge Grasses Deep Grey Wallpaper by AS Creation
Cool down in the shade of the long grass.
This nature-inspired wallpaper creates a safe and uncomplicated haven within your home. The fabric-like base texture features a soft weave in a mixture of deep greys and cool white tones. Each stem and blade of the long grass is filled with a beige texture. So you can sit back, relax and embrace the cosiness of this wallpaper. Produced in textured vinyl and created with a non-woven( paste the wall) base hanging can be quick and simple.
New Walls Blossom Trees Blush Pink Wallpaper by AS Creation 
Now it wouldn’t be spring without a beautiful blossom tree in sight. 
This patterned wallpaper has been made to put your living space at the centre of your life, making it your retreat. Allowing you to escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embrace the beauty of the blossom tree. The soft blush pink tone and  gentile white blossom are finished with a generous application of golden glitter throughout the blossom, so you can sit back and find your sparkle again.
Feeling inspired?
Then let’s get started, we have a range of how-to guides to help you on our website. We love seeing customer projects and homes so don’t forget to share your nature inspired feature walls with us on social media.