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I love it when a product sells out, right down to the last one especially when we make someones day in the process!

This week a customer ordered our last roll of a kitchen and bathroom wallpaper border from us. We had been thinking of taking it offline because our system was set to one left, they contacted us to check it was still available as the page stated there was, once we had confirmed it, they placed an order there and then online! It makes me realise that keeping up to date on our stocks is important and we should always think of the customer who may just need the one or one more.

This lead me to take a closer look through our cushion stock. Now we have some beautifully embellished scatter cushions available online which I know only arrive in small quantities I wanted to put together an availability list from our warehouses. I completed this list last Friday, so I spent some time over the weekend labeling various cushions as limited stock and putting how many we have left, I hope this will help you in your search for that perfect cushion collection and ensure we have enough for you!


I do get a lot of calls coming through asking about stock levels and about products which we don’t have online. Just the other day I was able help out a customer that was stuck in the middle of decorating (who just needed that one extra drop!), after finding our number online, they called in as they had seen we sell products from the manufacturer of their wallpaper. Once I had all the information available from them I was able to contact the manufacturer, check availability and in this case check batching details. Voila, we were able to get hold of another roll for them, even the batch number was the same. It’s great when you hear the panic subside when you can reveal “Yes! It is available” and that we can supply the same batch, I love making a customers day!


Therefore I want to make a commitment to you all:

I hereby promise, to keep my stocks knowledge up to date and keep an eye out for those one off items that may be just perfect for one of you.







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