How To Decorate Your Perfect Dining Room

Dining rooms can be underutilised rooms in the home and simply seen as a place to sit and eat, but they’re much more than this! A dining room is a space in your home where you can entertain your family and friends with games nights, drinks, meals and celebrate those special occasions all year round.

So, for this important multipurpose social room, our interior consultant Kelly has developed this guide with some dining room decorating ideas to inspire you. 

1.  Prepare for the transformation

Before starting any decorating, think about your dining room design – 

Are you working with a small or large room?

Are you keeping or changing your dining room furniture?

What style or theme would you like in your dining room? 

Would you like a formal space or a multifunctional room?

Once you have a bit of a plan, it’s time to clear your dining room and prep your walls ready for your new wallpaper to be hung. If you need some help and tips about hanging wallpaper, check out our How to Hang Wallpaper guide here. 

2. Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Below we have some dining room ideas for your consideration, something for all tastes and styles. 

Elegant Touch 

Applying an elegant wallpaper to your dining room can create a space perfect for evening meals and entertainment for you, your family and friends. Perhaps a little more formal which means giving you an excuse to dress up for dinner.

Kayla – Dove Grey & Silver Wallpaper by Muriva

Modern Edge

Geometric patterns continue to be one of this year’s must-have wallpaper trends, a little less formal this style would embrace a more functional use of your dining room.

Fractal – Antique Gold Wallpaper by Fine Decor

Traditional Twist

Traditional wallpaper doesn’t have to mean old fashioned. If you live in a period property or cottage, then you may need to follow the heritage of your home with an established design. 

Platinum – Damask Navy & Gold by Fine Decor

Vintage Glamour

An antique look can give the impression of age and even glamour to your space, it is perfect for a dining room in an older property or one with a vintage interior. Why not create your own little chateau with a beautifully distressed or decayed pattern.

Milan Trail – Rose Gold Wallpaper by Graham & Brown


3. Small Dining Room Ideas 

If your dining room is a bit smaller, you can still embrace a new look and use some decorating trickery to change the eye’s perception of scale.

Keep it light:

Fill your space with clean, bright and neutral light with a simple plain or delicately detailed relief.

Try: San Remo Texture by Seriano, this beautiful Italain vinyl is super bright and offers a touch of sparkle to your walls.

Try: Grasscloth by Casa Flair Decor, this simulated pattern offers a little more interest over a truely plain wallpaper.

Add some depth:

Use perspective to your advantage, use a pattern that fades away or layers its pattern across the wall. This may also help square up long rectangular spaces.

Try: Fabric Tree by Grandeco, this enchanting pattern layers its forest print which helps to let the eye see beyond your wall.  

Try: Leaves by Casa Flair Decor, with its falling skeleton leaf pattern you can see through and beyond each leaf as it fades away.

Try four walls:

Using a detailed and intricate pattern may seem to go against all rules for decorating a small space, however, when used on all walls these designs can disguise the corners of your room, creating the illusion of space.

Try: Adilah by Graham & Brown, wonderful trailing flowers, vines and leaves are filled with blooms and birds that create a little getaway at home.

Try: Honolulu by Graham & Brown, a sublime palm leaf design that will fill your space with luscious greenery.

4. Accessorise 

Finally, once you’ve wallpapered, put the table back in place and the chairs underneath, your new dining room is ready to be dressed.

Accessorise with new pieces of wall art, soft furnishings, and more importantly dress your dining room table ready to show off your newly transformed dining room to your friends and family. 

We hope you found these dining room ideas helpful. If you need any further tips or information, please take a look at our latest news and how to guides

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