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Wall Art

Wall Arts are beautiful printed canvases that will look great on any wall in your home.  Whether you’re looking for something calming and relaxing, stylish arty pictures, or a busy street scene depicting your favourite city, you’ll find it here from loved brands Graham and Brown, Monsoon, Kelly Hoppen & CIMC.

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Showing 1 to 24 of 55 (3 Pages)

Wall art is a brilliant option for adding a new look to a room, bringing some interest to a large space on your walls, or just for having something nice to look at!

We've picked a great range of wall art for you to add to your home, with styles to suit any sensibility and style. Graham & Brown offer a massive selection, from photography to intricate pieces in metal, as well as cute and floral pieces. The ILiv selection contains beautiful floral patterns in traditional and modernist styles, and CIMC have something to suit everyone.

If you really want to impress, we have a great selection of wall murals. Straddling the border between wall art and wallpaper, these are stunning designs in prints large enough to cover a whole wall. Coming in a variety of styles, from cityscapes to superheroes, they're a great way to make a statement!

If you're unsure what type of wall art to use, are having a hard time deciding on a style for your home, or need a bit of guidance on wallpapering your home, just give us a call on 0161 7291686 and we'll be delighted to help you out.


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Expert advice from the Home Flair Decor Wallpaper specialists

Wallpaper is my passion and quite possibly it's in my blood! Having grown up in the industry I've been buying and selling this fantastic product for the last twenty years. I want to encourage those who share my “passion” and persuade others to add pattern and texture to their walls. Wallpaper has become a trend item once again, introducing a new generation to the possibilities of this product. It's time to #DressYourWalls and customise your home to reflect your personality, let me help you turn your house into a home.