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Home interior decor ideas for new homeowners
Home Flair Decor 17 July 2018

Buying a new home can be a stressful process for many, however, despite the legal transactions and of course the house price, it’s equally a super exciting time because you can destress through creativity, decorating your new home the way you want it and really make your mark on the new place.

Top tips before decorating your new home

Make a plan

Keep a file of all your ideas, sticking in wallpaper samples and magazine cut-outs. By planning you can create a priority list and devise a budget for decorating your new home.

Have a budget

By setting yourself a budget you can estimate costs for decorating the rooms within your house, and prioritise which rooms such as the living room and bedroom, will be transformed before others.  This way you have full control of imminent costs in your new home.


Don’t rush


Unless time is of the essence, don’t worry, there’s no rush to do everything at once! Take your time and get your decorating right first time instead of rushing into buying new things that you may not like later.


Know your room dimensions


To help you price and estimate decorating costs for your lounge, bedroom, kitchen or home office (or any other room) it’s a good idea to have a record of all of your room dimensions so that you can estimate your decorating spend.


Don’t buy everything at once*


It may be tempting to pick up new items for your home during all the excitement, although, as mentioned above, there’s no rush, you don’t need to complete every room of your house in one go. Getting your wallcoverings right is a great starting point for each room, which can then be followed by adding pieces of matching furniture and accessories.

*save on delivery prices...


One room at a time


Focusing on one room at a time will help to reduce stress, and will also provide a haven to relax and enjoy when you move on to the next room. It may seem like a slow process, but you will get there in the end and you’ll have beautifully decorated rooms in your new home.



Perfect for the bedroom - Exotica Duck Egg / Lilac Glitter Wallpaper by Graham & Brown 32-957


Decorating ideas for your new home


Start neutral


Not only is minimalism bang on trend, but having neutral tones in your home is a great way of creating a modern, relaxing space as well as providing a blank canvass where you can then inject colour.


If you do like neutral tones, it might be worthwhile putting together a colour palette for your whole house in your plan so you can create a consistent flow of beautiful decor throughout your property.



EXCLUSIVE WALLPAPER - Leaves Natural Heavyweight Wallpaper by Casa Flair Decor


EXCLUSIVE PATTERN - Grasscloth Grey Heavyweight Wallpaper by Casa Flair Decor


Add texture


When moving into a new home applying a textured wallpaper can be a great way to mask any uneven wall surfaces or imperfections, which may even save you the need to replaster the walls and its associated costs.


Not only that, textured wallpaper is very durable and can really add personality into a room. At Home Flair Decor we have a great selection of plain and patterned durable textured wallpapers, with the added benefit that you can order samples to see if the paper is what you’re looking for before committing to buying rolls.


Beautiful glitter wallpaper - Eleganza San Marino Coral & Taupe Glitter Droplet Wallpaper by Belgravia Decor GB 3706

Mix and match

Applying different wallpaper such as plain wallpaper and floral wallpaper can also make a room burst with style - don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to finishes and prints.

Ideal for the dining room or hallway - Senator Glitter Damask Teal / Grey Wallpaper by Vymura London M1030

Reuse your kit

A good way to save the pennies when decorating your new home is to reuse your tools including scrapers, knives, scissors even your dust sheets.

Lent them out? At Home Flair Decor, we can arm you with all the tools you need for decorating your house including brushes, rollers, filler, lining paper.

For further help and advice with choosing wallpaper or hanging it in your new home, please get in touch with the wallpaper specialists at Home Flair Decor today on 0161 729 1686.