4 Top Tips for Decorating a Home This Summer

Do you have plans to decorate this summer? Whether it’s the guest room that’s a little unloved, unused box room that needs a spruce, or you want to modernise the heart of the home – with advice from an expert, giving your home a bit of a facelift can be incredibly therapeutic and rewarding. How your home is decorated directly impacts your mood and others’ around you, plus it’s the first impression your visitors have of you so make it a lasting one!
Sure, we’re all hoping for another scorching summer characterised by late night barbeques in the garden – there’s nothing wrong with a bit of optimism, right? Should you be expecting visitors, make sure that you have a home you can be proud of and flaunt. If the weather isn’t up to scratch this summer – make sure that spending time indoors isn’t all that bad after all.
From colour schemes and curtains to clothing and equipment, it’s better to take a little advice from the interior experts before reaching for the wallpaper paste brush this summer! Here are a couple of pointers from Home Flair Decor to send you in the right direction…
1. Think about the ‘fad’
Much like the fashion and beauty industries, the world of home interior is also no stranger to striking trends and wonderful fads that collapse as quickly as they arise! Wacky and  peculiar designs are easy to find in the latest glossy home magazines,  as much as you love them this month, you’ll probably disregard them with a passion the next. Unless you’re a fashionista that is willing to redecorate every twelve months, the off-the-wall wallpapers are probably best kept, well, off the wall!
That’s not to say you shouldn’t inject your personality into your home, or experiment with different patterns, colours and brands. If anything, a room with character will probably keep you content for longer than a banal, bland room. Don’t forget while designer wallpaper guarantees style, luxury paper can be just as stunning and high quality with designs that stand the test of time – it’s why we stock them!
Consult our interior experts for more advice on how to make quirk work for your home.
2. Paper over paint
Whatever the weather this summer, decorating might be low on your agenda, or you might just want a quick-fix solution. It’s a common belief that paint is easier and quicker to use than a wallpaper, which isn’t exactly accurate.
With the extended preparation time and the effort of giving your walls multiple coats, wallpapering can reduce this time by half. By choosing the right type of wallpaper for your walls you can add almost instant colour and have it all done in a day!
Can’t find the right colour or If you enjoy the ease and freedom of touching up when it comes to paint – have you considered paintable wallpaper? You can hang this now and come back to it come winter when you can add that colour choice that escaped you in the summer, you’ll thank yourself for it!
3. Cool metallics
When ‘ or if, it gets a little too hot this summer, decorate your home in iridescent materials. Metals have particularly high boiling points, so whilst the rest of your home is cooking in the sun, you might find yourself with your face pressed against a cold radiator. There are heaps of metallic furniture items you can invest in, but it can also mean it gets a little too cold in winter. For the cool metallic feel that doesn’t leave you cold in winter, why not consider instilling metallic designs in your home through the means of wallpaper, cushions and accessories?
For wallpaper, we’d recommend a Slate Blue or Silver & Grey Precious Silks Art Deco by Muriva, a metallic stitched design for cushions and this fruity-fresh mixture of apples and bananas in silver mosaics.
4. Faux is the way forward
Summer is the perfect time to infuse your home with a neutral, earthy atmosphere – and what better way than bringing the outdoors, indoors? Real plants have their own way of bringing light to the darkest of corners in any room and sure, we’d all love to have lilies and roses scattered around our home. But on a practical level, how viable is this? If you’re unsure how often you’ll remember to water a plant or how much flowers cost to replace each week, our interior experts at Home Flair Decor suggest investing in faux plants that look great all year round, you can add to the outdoors-indoors look with tree wallpaper. Whether it’s the height of summer or the depths of winter, your Alpine Echeveria with only need a quick dust from time-to-time. The future is faux!
Still need help or advice for decorating a home this summer? Contact Home Flair Decor on 0161 729 1686.

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