Your Guide To Glitter Wallpaper and Home Interiors

If you’re becoming bored with your interior decor and looking to bring a little sparkle to your life, a touch of glitter can bring any room to life. Transforming your home from drab to fab could be exactly what you need to wow your visitors and give your room a facelift.

We’ve carefully selected a range of fabulous wallpaper options to bring a tasteful sparkle to any home:

Classic Neutral Stripes With Subtle Shimmer

This classic silver glitter wallpaper from Julien MacDonald Glitterati classic silver glitter wallpaper adds tasteful sparkle to your room whilst maintaining a classic and understated look.

Quartz Geometric Patterns

If you’re looking for something a bit more off-piste, the Quartz Shatter Geometric design is a high-quality glitter wallpaper sure to bring the wow factor by catching the light and reflecting it into the room.

Glitter Tweed Wallpaper

For a less structured look, a plain but glamorous San Remo Glitter Tweed shimmer is sure to bring a hint of elegance to any room. The herringbone twill uses a combination of colour toning and pitting techniques to create a subtle but striking glimmer for those looking to add a touch of glittery class to their home.

Accessorise your Glitter Wallpaper

If you’re not quite ready to add some sparkle wallpaper to your home just yet, why not introduce some accents of glitter with furnishings instead?

We have a gorgeous range of embellished cushions, from sequins to pearls and diamantes, to add an instant touch of glitz and glam to any room. We’ve even recently introduced a range of Glittered Shaggy Cushions to bring some real flair to your home.

Whatever your taste and home decor style, there’s no better way to brighten up a room and create a feeling of true luxury and opulence than adding subtle shimmers.

With our diverse range, there’s sure to be something to suit your home, whether you’re looking for wallpaper, cushions or homeware!

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