Wallpaper Trends for 2021

Over the years, wallpaper has been in and out of Vogue as lifestyles change and generations look to live a better life than their parents had. The demand for home improvement supplies and wallpaper skyrocketed last year as homeowners turned to home improvement during the lockdowns experienced in the UK throughout 2020. This interest in regenerating and customising our homes shows no sign of slowing down at the start of 2021 and we are sure that wallpaper is going to reach new heights of popularity during 2021.

That brings us onto this year’s trends, so what wallcoverings are looking likely to be popular in 2021? This post covers the top 5 trends you can expect to see on home inspiration pages this year.


Tropical Paradise

Do you love summer and going on a tropical vacation? Now you don’t have to risk booking a flight to enjoy the chance of finding a tropical paradise… Instead, you can jump on the tropical palm trend. There’s a variety of wallpaper designs that take on jungle and tropical styles, complete with bright colours, including green, yellow and reds. You can enjoy palm trees and other botanical patterns that are uplifting and natural. If you like daring, strong and eye-catching designs, this one might be for you. Dressing up your new space with natural finishes and materials is key to fulfilling this 2021 trend, rattan and wicker furniture or accessories will complete the look.

Cottagecore Comfort

We can all dream of owning a beautiful English cottage in the countryside, filled with natural finishes like oak beams, a little exposed brick and true parquet flooring. Whilst for most of this the opportunity will not come up in 2021 you don’t need to have the property to achieve the look, a quick hashtag search on Instagram will show you that #cottagecore can be created in your own home.

Using a little brick effect wallpaper, more on those later, is a quick change to a window wall (exterior wall) that can set the ball rolling on this theme. A more traditional path could be a pretty print pattern, these dainty floral patterns are full of character.


Structured Geometric Simplicity

Another wallpaper trend that is in and ready to stay is geometric design , structured design has an order and definition to it that some of us crave to follow in our daily routine.

Including a feature wall or adding this  style within your interior decor can modernise your home and increase interest to living rooms and kitchens. The trend for 2021 splits here, whilst the bold and the bright colour choices continue with pops of yellow, navy blues or greens along with metallics such as rose golds and brilliant silvers.

Incoming are neutral colour tones that link to a structured nordic trend, here we see the trend reaching to form a “hygge” reassuring cosiness in earthy organic shades. Add some soft fabrics and home furnishings to a newly wallpapered space to complete this theme.

It can be as simple or complicated as you want with many geometric designs to choose from in the collections. There is something to suit everyone’s taste.



Marble wallpaper is certainly popular at the moment, it has been commonly used to achieve that “Instagrammable” look in your home and can easily add a level of elegance and luxury to any room in the house. We love how versatile this style is and how it can be used in almost any room of the house. In particular, it is enjoyed in bathrooms and kitchens due to its minimalist and clean look. There is no better way to create a high-end finish with little effort. 

For 2021 we see larger scale marble prints, more natural forms in more livable colours and higher quality/washable options for the long term. Moving away from the Instalife to real life, especially when you’re looking to create a luxurious space with a touch of hotel chic. Secondly, marble finishes will be seen applied in combination with other simulated effects such as tiling on a roll or with wood panelling, both ongoing patterns styles that evolve to stay ahead of the curve.


Brick, Stone or Panel Effect

Last but not least, we have the simulated wallpaper effects. These include refined bricks and stones which remain a genuinely popular wallpaper choice and a new direction for wood effect prints.

Brick continues to be favoured into 2021  as people love how it can bring a rugged, exposed and industrial look to the walls within the home. The latest generation of these include additional texture and applied granular finishes to the face of the wallcovering in ways not seen before bringing realness and tactility to the forefront.

For Wood, designs have remained as planking or boarding-type representations, in 2021 we expect panelling to become the most popular addition to this style. Offering the look and the trend without the permanence and investment that genuine wooden panelling can involve.

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