Top 5 Spring Interior Decorating Trends

Did you know April is National Decorating Month? What better time to renew, refresh and re-feather your home interiors ready for the summer months. From the prettiest pastels to the most dashing decor, we are inspired by some of the season\’s key trends.

Whether you want to dust off your winter wardrobe or put your pro painting skills to the test, we can help you make some quick and affordable changes that will give your home that breath of fresh air feeling!

So let’s have a sneak peek at what the interior design industry has in store for us this spring:

1) Pop of colour

Now that winter is behind us, it’s time to welcome the spring into our hearts – and into our homes. Don’t be afraid to brighten things up with a touch of paint and a pop of colour on your walls.

For summer, we notice a shift towards warmer, richer and deeper colour choices. Pink is making a comeback and we’re not talking about the bubblegum, barbie colours famous with teens the world over – oh no! This season we see a return of dusty, pastel pink shades and we’re simply loving the warmth they bring to otherwise plain interiors.

2) Themes

We know what you’re thinking – Not another theme! Love them, or hate them you sure can’t escape them. Interior trends are on a constant cycle that will come back around when we least expect it. For the Home Decor design divas of the world, we love a chance to inject a little personality into our homes and with a theme you can do just that.

3) Rustic interiors

With all that talk about serene surroundings it became clear that a rugid twist was in order. In an environment that is designed to keep you protected from the outside world, there should always be space to add some roughness and texture. This is accomplished quite easily without a lot of hassle, as our rustic homeware offers a traditional take on modern day fine furnishings.

4) Inspired

Take a walk down memory lane and welcome the 70s back into your home. If you thought those geometric patterns, polished metals and striking striped interiors were a thing of the past, think again. The era of bright, funky and fashionable embellishments and raw materials is back and it’s here to stay, so be sure to snap up a bargain with Home Flair Decor today.

5) Spring sensation

We couldn’t escape this season without the mention of our Sensation(al!) spring range of wallpapers for a simple and clean look inspired by the sights and sounds of springtime. Moving away from the cold and distant shades reflective of the winter months, we are carefully approaching a time of fresh, funky colours and floral furnishings. This look can be achieved in no time with a little makeover magic from our Sensation range that will help to liven up your living space.

Haven’t found what you are looking for here? Browse our full collection of wallpaper, borders, cushions, lighting, wall art and homewares for more spring time favourites.


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