The Milan Collection, A Success Story.

Developing a new wallcovering collection is no easy feat, large amounts of time and resources are used to specify the target audience before a single colour is chosen or a pencil is picked up. 

From conception the Core Product Marketing Team behind Milan created a benchmark standard, this enabled them to check that what they were to deliver met and where possible exceed this target.

James Greenwood, one of the team behind this collection has kindly given his insights to this time at Graham & Brown and how the process went.

James explained that three key areas were at the top of the list for the teams benchmarks:

Quality, aiming for a luxurious finish meant moving away from a smooth, flat printed wallpaper. Moving to a textured vinyl allowed for a step up in recognised qualities, these included washability, insulation properties and disguise of unruly/uneven surfaces.

Value, a collection for everyone’s pocket. From first time home buyers and beyond, Milan needed to be an inclusive collection that would be in reach for families young and old.

Great design, offering aspirational design that is obtainable. Milan must be produced in colours that suit the trend of the time and ensure each design can be easily absorbed into any home with or without any coordinating support from the rest of the collection.

It all started with a texture…

The Milan texture was the start of it all, this luxurious relief was created to tame unruly walls whilst give each wall a stunning final finish. Introduced into the Superfresco Colours Label with the Vienna collection back in 2015, Milan quickly became a best selling blown vinyl wallcovering, this super positive response led to the planning of a massive expansion using this relief throughout a full coordinating collection.

The texture itself offers a romantic, vintaged appearance that wouldn’t be out of place in a glorious historic french Château. The abstract detail offers a similarity to an aged mirror or a natural cork that when combined with the different relief levels and the addition of a base level shimmer the Milan texture becomes a simulated crushed velvet.

Where do you take a texture…

In looking at how to expand to a full collection from a visually simple texture the team researched what the home interior sector was offering the customer base, James:

We looked at upcoming trends back in 2018 to identify the colour areas that would be key to creating a successful range, rose gold, pale gold and of course the always best selling silver and grey combination.

100491 106401 100490

It’s all in the design….

With the colour combinations selected and continued use of a textured vinyl product that meets the quality and value targets the team set, they moved into design. Again looking at what was being well received from the industry, both in sales and on social media. Arriving at the top were classic yet regal damasks, dynamic stripes with variable hinging direction and shattered geometrics. James explains further:

With the colour palette selected it was then time to identify design styles that would ensure the success of the collection. Bold geometrics, embellished bricks and climbing trails were briefed into our Blackburn based design team who transformed our concept into beautiful wallpapers you see on the shelves today!

From a simple texture the team at Graham & Brown now have a full concept to present to the internal design team and with this they ran with it. Creating new simulated textures to compliment the originals, keeping the palette of colours simple and sparing, using metallics as highlights and forming two tone combinations that ooze luxury.

Where did the name come from?

The Milan name was inspired by the historic architecture of the great Italian city, along with it being the capital of fashion and design which mirrors the collections aims. Milan has proved to be a juggernaut in home decor, exceeding the expectations of all at both Home Flair Decor and Graham & Brown. Explore this fantastic collection below!

From three bestselling plains, a collection was born

106405 106533 106407 106406


Create the perfect pair with our Milan texture by juxtaposing with this truly trendy geometric design. The contrast between textures on this design oozes luxury and technical accomplishment. Texture, suede, metallic and matt all marry together to create this stunning wallpaper.

106517 106516


The Milan stripe combines a best selling texture, suede effect and matt to create a symphony of textures to add opulence to any wall in your home. The stripe can be hung horizontally or vertically, and will guarantee the WOW factor in any room.

106520 106519


Demonstrating the versatility of the Milan texture this damask sings luxury in full metallic, while the texture quietly adds depth and texture. We love this design in the bedroom, but would also  look great in a dining room or lounge!

106404 106402 106403


The trail has typically been quite a traditional design style. However, reimagined on our best selling Milan texture the heavy coverage of metallic sets the tone for a modern and stylish finish.

106523 106522


Bricks just got better! Recreate a real urban loft by having a brick design that is full of texture for a luxuriously tactile feel. Available in three key colours this design adds great texture and value to a best selling design style.

Product descriptions & images courtesy of Graham & Brown

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