Moving Home? 4 Things to Consider When Decorating

Moving home can be stressful and for the majority of us that have done it before, we can vouch for that. Thankfully, if you’ve experienced a few house moves in your time, you might have a more strategic plan in place for the big move.

The boxing-up, labelling, transportation and reorganisation of our entire possessions can be daunting, and rightly so. But for those of us that don’t have heaps of furniture to manoeuvre, the whole operation can be slightly more bearable.

If you’re a new homeowner, or moving home this summer, you’re probably bursting with ideas and inspiration from glossy magazines for decorating your new home. Either that, or you’re just relieved that you won’t have to deal with your parent’s nagging for much longer.

As 1st May is New Homeowners Day, we’ve decided that if we could go back and give the younger, more excitable version of ourselves some advice for decorating their new home, this would be it:

1. When to start decorating?

With the average house purchase taking approximately 8 – 10 weeks you may have already dressed your new rooms in your head and been sampling wallcoverings already. Should your new home be completed and vacant ready for you to move in, or you are lucky enough to have purchased a second home and it’s currently empty, you might be tempted to get started and we say go for it!

However, if you’re short on time between the previous owners moving out, it’s probably best to put the decorating on the backburner for a short while. It can be hard to understand exactly how you’d like to put your stamp on a room when you have only seen it with someone else’s clutter.  Or, if your new home is empty because it’s a new build, they usually recommend not putting wallpaper up for the first 6 months. Regardless of either, it doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about furnishings and getting room inspiration. Having a particular wallpaper can inspire your mind further, as you’ll start to choose furnishings and complementing furniture to tie in with it.

Which rooms to decorate first?

It’s important to take it one room at a time. If you have children, we’d suggest prioritising their bedrooms. Firstly, you want to make sure that it is safe, and secondly that they have the means of entertainment. Whilst they have their own space to enjoy, it enables you to get on with the rest of the rooms! Whether you’re decorating a boy’s or a girl’s bedroom, we stock an inspiring range of wallpaper, wall art and murals for both, like this Frozen wallpaper mural.

If you don’t have children, decide which room is currently the least bearable. You might find that your coping in the kitchen, but completely avoiding spending time in the living room or vice versa.
It’s also worth considering which rooms require the most work, such as the kitchen and bathroom, as they tend to take longer to complete. You might want to order your bathroom suite or kitchen cabinets whilst you work on the bedrooms.

3. Themes and Colour Schemes

If, like our interior experts, the thought of decorating an entire home enthuses you, you might’ve already been shopping for home decor inspiration and left hauling heaps of wallpaper samples and colour palettes with you.

It’s probably the answer you expected, but didn’t want to hear ‘ but initially sticking to a neutral colour scheme to begin with will help you to understand your home more. Knowing which rooms get lots of natural light and which rooms need more character will form the basis of your ideas and inspiration.

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring and it certainly doesn’t mean covering the house in magnolia from top to bottom. Add some patterns and texture to give a room some character from our beige and cream, brown and taupe, grey and silver or white and pearl wallpaper ranges.

Small and seemingly insignificant parts of the home, such as the skirting boards, can actually determine how a room is decorated. If you have solid oak skirting boards, it’s probably going to match your solid oak staircase, doors and door frames. Whilst mismatches (when done right) are actually quite on-trend, this might affect your decision on whether to buy a dark wood dining table or not.

4. Personalise

If you’re moving into an empty shell, wallpaper is the quickest and easiest way to inject personality into a room. If for some reason this isn’t feasible, you might want to look at how you can furnish and accessorise a room instead – to give it the character you feel it is lacking.

When giving a room a makeover, it’s always important to reconsider the lighting. Think about a dimly-lit bathroom scattered in candles compared with a countryside kitchen. Lighting is a key element to achieving a specific mood or atmosphere in a room.

It can also help a room feel bigger or smaller. If you’re a minimalist, you’d probably look at strategically planning spotlights around the room. If you’re wanting to create a more luxurious feel, we’ve got a wide range of the perfect designer pendants and lampshades.

If you need more inspiration on how to put your own stamp on your new home, check out range of home accessories. Cushions and throws are the perfect way to brighten up a room or add some texture. We also stock a fabulous range of pictures frames and wall art to help you to dress your walls in your favourite memories, and tealights and tealight holders for the candle-lovers out there!

General Advice

  • Don’t forget the last-ditch questions! Where’s the water stopcock and thermostat? Where’s the gas and electricity meters? Which day are the bins collected?
  • As soon as you know your moving date and have decided on a removal company, get them in early so that they can plan access, parking and any special requirements for your items.
  • Don’t forget to redirect post to your new address and make sure that you have life insurance. Although this is often attached to your mortgage with the bank, it’s worth double checking!

Still need help?

If you still need help and advice with decorating your home, get in touch with our interior experts using our Contact Form or call them on 0161 729 1686.

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