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Hi Liz here, we have had our busiest month so far. I have been rushed off my feet leaving me little time to get my blog up to date. You are loving our expanded range of heavy Italian vinyls, the luxurious Alexandria collection with its glitter embellished flowers and glowing lustre flowing leaves are often paired with the crushed silk texture of the plain co-ordinates. The expanded colour selection in the Tiffany Platinum along with the new glitter plains have really worked for your new decor his season. Tilly, our precious and delicate collection, for those of you that have restraint when it comes to decorating has a fine grass like trail and knotted silk textured companion. This seasons luxury vinyls are really working for you.

Our new collections have really promoted the warm and gentle colour tones that are loved so much, natural and earthy colours are forever loved and can so easily be spiced up with a change of accessories and soft furnishings. The Mila and Elegance collections feature delicate long grasses and illustrated lilys in creams, beiges and gold, all with soft textured plain co-ordinates. The natural themes continue with the Plaisirs collection, long swaying skeletal leaves in various tones with added glossy pearlescent sections which catch the light now the nights are drawing in, the light grain texture that is found throughout the collection can easily matched with our plain wallpapers. Suggestions can always be found on the product pages if your struggling to complete a theme or give us a call.

If you are more metropolitan in your design themes, we have an increased our range of geometric prints. A new collection from Berlin based designer Michael Michalsky brings exciting oversized prints with soft texture. We have also increased our selection from the Eton range – Eton circles, this textured vinyl range uses tones and texture so well. The Metallic waves collection offers up to the minute colours with a delicate sprinkling of glitter and works really well with the Lotus plains.

Are you a magpie like me? We have also added to our dazzling selection of glittering prints, we now stock the entire range of Synergy wallpaper, this trio of plains, stripes and floral trails can be mixed up to create a complete design theme. They really do work well in an open plan living environment, allowing you to zone off your living space. We also have a pair of foil embellished wallpapers, these solid vinyls are tough but offer real delicate texture and design, they are called Precious Silks.

Well that’s all the time I have right now but I will try my best to keep you up to date on any more changes in collections and happenings behind the scenes.

Ciao Liz.

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