Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas for 2017

The start of a new year often leads us into stopping and taking stock of what we have, what we do and how we can improve on it. This is as true with our homes as it is with our lifestyle, having gone through the festive period by spending a lot of time cooking or helping out in the kitchen you have probably spotted areas of improvement for this very functional environment.


Like any room the more use it gets the faster it gets tired and it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Now is the time to start taking a second look at your kitchen.


Whether you have a backsplash, part tiled walls or a full wall available with a dining space, we have a fantastic set of options to refresh your walls for 2017. If you’ve never thought about the possibility of wallpaper in a kitchen, or asked yourself about the practicalities let us put you at ease…it is possible, and it can look fantastic!


There are a few key points to consider; heat, humidity, adhesion, cooking odours and even grease. Let us put these into context one by one:


  • Heat: You should avoid using wall coverings behind a heat source such as a hob or cooktop. This is as much a safety issue as it is a practicality one. Wallpaper will be fine around boilers, radiators etc just keep direct heat sources away.


  • Humidity: Moisture is often the method of removal for wallpapers, so humidity should try to be minimised by extraction where possible. Specific kitchen and bathroom products are produced with moisture in mind so have a high tolerance built in to ensure longevity.


  • Adhesion: The right product should always be used with the right adhesive and in these moisture rich areas a ready mixed or low moisture adhesive mix (high concentration) should be used. Also the prep of a clean grease free surface is essential.


  • Cooking Odours/Cleaning: With an extra washable surface kitchen and bathroom wallcoverings can be washed down using a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Abrasives should be avoided as we want to keep the surface non-porous to extend the life of the product.


So, now you’ll want to think about patterns; if you are brand new to wallpapering you may not be aware of the simulated tile effects that are available, trends such as subway tiles/New York tiles are available in a variety of colours and finishes, these are often enhanced with shading for depth and even embellished with glitter or metallics – ideal for that studio apartment look!



You may not have that uber modern kitchen / home so traditional tile patterns that give a country or cottage kitchen theme remain some of the most popular patterns. Often containing the addition of fruits or vegetables, herbs, check-like fabric effects and even cutlery/kitchenware over a simulated tile effect.



Mosaics and geometrics can be used in smaller spaces to keep a sense of scale; they are excellent for minimising the wastage when you need to apply the wallcovering around those wall cupboards thanks to the small or free match pattern.



The trend for recreations of natural finishes has spread into the kitchen product range too. Durable and washable wooden board and natural stone simulations work well, we even have some with Miami style – added palm trees and flamingos!



For any dining space where washability is not the most important factor our range of brick effects can look stunning, just a good strong paste.



If you cannot find anything that is made kitchen specific, don’t panic – almost all wallpapers can be used in this type of environment. Just check the level of washability and think how the pattern will look when cut around any cupboards or tiling. Washability is shown on a roll label as wavy lines or described in our listings using the following terminology.



We hope that you’ll see your kitchens potential in a new light and as an opportunity to personalise your home without the investment of cabinets and worktops. Hop over to our kitchen wallpaper page to take a closer look; we even have a sample service for you to try these hardworking patterns in your own home.

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