Keep your Bathroom clean, even with the steam!

With the tips of tulip leaves and the yellow tipped stems of daffodils starting to appear outside it won’t be long until spring truly arrives. Those welcomed first beams of sunlight alert us to the change of season but they also become a reminder that our homes have been closed up for many months and a spring clean is due.

As part of fresh season we inevitably see things around our own homes that could do with some care and attention, these tend to be the most hard working or most visited rooms in the house. Today we will focus on the changes you can make to a bathroom or cloakroom, what you may be asking is Is wallpaper in the bathroom a good idea? We certainly think it is so read on to get the facts on using a wallcovering this hardworking room.

Often smaller rooms, the nation’s bathrooms average just 2.4m x 1.8m (8ft x 6ft) according to When you add in the ceramics and the bathroom suite this leaves little floor space to personalise so why not use your walls to show your personality?

A small room is a great place to become an extrovert, because we use these rooms frequently but only for short periods we are less likely to become bored of a bold or complex pattern, so go for it!

Exotics are ever a popular choice for the bathroom, oversized palm leaves, bamboos, even animal life such as parrots and flamingos are not out of place here. Using an exotic print will let you to create a tropical spa-like space within your own four walls that you get to visit everyday.

The trend for simulated natural finishes has now arrived into the bathroom wallpaper category. With faux wooden boards and textures you can easily add a rugged and masculine theme to a space, add colour with faux weathered colourways and distressed grains. You can also find softened editions from this theme featuring the illustrations of nautical and ocean artifacts, this allows for a more unisex space.

Looking for an aquatic theme? Try an under the sea pattern, shell design or why not think coastal, seaside or even a marina type nautical print? These have been the staple of bathroom wallpapers for a long time and are still loved by the traditionalists, take a new approach to these patterns by making them a feature or try mixing with ceramics and painted wall surfaces.

If your preference is for clean lines and simplicity many simulated tile effects can be used to sooth this craving. From mini mosaics to continuous subway tiling effects both many options in size, colour and finish are available in the tiling on a roll category.

Tiling on a roll is not a new concept but has seen a resurgence in popularity. This is thanks to the speed of hanging and the lower costs in comparison to ceramic tiling and installation. With modern living situations in apartments and rentals you can be limited in what you can achieve and what you want to spend when the property is not your own. 

The same principles of heat and humidity apply to all other wallpapers you may think of using in a bathroom or WC, we gave you the key in what to look for on your perspective wallpaper roll labels in our Kitchen wallpaper guide last month.

With that information in hand you can use another wallpaper type if you love the pattern, you just need to think how serviceable you need the surface to be. If it’s a cloak room or WC you could use a spongeable wallpaper with a quirky pattern like a brick effect, photo wallpaper or even flying ducks!


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