How to Guide: Achieve A Designer Look in Your Home On a Budget

The internet and social media in particular is transforming the home decor industry. There is a massive buzz around transforming your home and in these economic times, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune in order to do so.

Millions of Britons across the UK are turning to the likes of Pinterest, Houzz and Facebook for decor inspiration. This means you don’t have to have thousands of pounds to hire an interior designer in order to achieve the same level of style and pizazz.

You can achieve a beautiful interior without spending big bucks on big names. Here Out & Out Original have spilled the top 6 secrets that the industry doesn’t want you to know:

1. Feature fantastic

home flair decor- wallpaper mural.jpg

Instead of repainting or wallpapering the whole room, why not just decorate one wall in a focal colour or theme or add a wallpaper mural. This feature wall can make a bold statement whenever someone enters the room and really create a lavish feel but at the fraction of the price.

Alternatively, use a stylish two-tone scheme like brown and green or black and white and repeat it throughout the space with accessories and furnishings e.g. cushions, flower vases and wall art. Many people opt for coordinating colours but the trick for a designer route is to choose contrasting shades.

2. Simplify, not complicated

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Too many homeowners think in order to achieve a designer, expensive decor it means you need to cram the home with lots of furnishings and accessories. This couldn’t be more wrong. The simple but effective rule is that less is more.

Too much of a good thing is just that- too much. Don’t over complicate the rooms. Strip everything out and start putting them in one by one until you’ve made an impact.

3. Be wary of lighting


The lighting in your living room and bedrooms need to be chosen carefully. It can transform the mood of the home and have a huge effect on the overall look. However, we all can’t hire a lighting designer to create a custom light scheme with galleries or upscale residences.

The trick is to keep different parts of a room at different brightness levels to prevent lighting fatigue; changes all your switches to simmers and light vertical surfaces like wall art.

With regards to specific rooms, don’t use lights in the middle of the kitchen but make use of countertop lights and kitchen islands instead; and install lights above and on both sides of a mirror in the bathroom to help fill in shadows.

4. Cushions and mirrors can be a saviour

If you can’t afford to buy a designer sofa or expensive wall art, do not fret. Cushions are a fantastic way to expensify the decor and the great thing is that there are a vast collection of styles and colours to choose from on the market.

Likewise, mirrors are a cost-friendly alternative to lavish works of art. Use mirrors to add light to your walls.

5. Be eco-friendly

More and more designers are choosing recycled materials and furnishings in order to create a beautiful decor that is also sustainable. There is a lot of emphasis nowadays on decorating the home in a stylish yet eco-friendly manner.

Sustainable materials that are making great strides in the decor furnishings industry include bamboo, rattan, reclaimed teakwood, recycled aluminium and recycled iron.

6. Choose luxurious looking materials

homeflairdecor_versace wallpaper.jpg

There are certain materials, like marble, that look luxurious and expensive. However, with that comes a hefty price tag. But there are some materials that just as extravagant and are half the price.

Granite and marble for example are very durable but expensive. Other stones like quartz and composite stone are just as impressive and cheaper.

How are you decorating the walls? Printed wallpapers with gold detailing creates a sense of luxury at a budget price as opposed to buying costly gold furnishings.

What’s more, vintage pieces can add chic to an interior and you can find some steals rummaging in charity shops.

There you have 6 amazing ways to revamp your home and give it a lavish aura. Anyone can furnish their house in style, whatever the budget, just make sure you invest wisely. You may save money now but it may cost you in the long-run as cheaper items tend to be manufactured with poorer quality and not have as much longevity!

So follow this guide and make it appear that you have hired a pro! *We won’t tell anyone your little secret, we promise.*

This article was provided by Out & Out Original, the go-to-experts for designer home and garden furniture from around the world.

(All Images courtesy of Out & Out Original and Home Flair Decor)


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