How to design the perfect space to work from home in


With the changes over the last two years, you are more than likely to have found yourself, or somebody in your house having to relocate from the office to the kitchen table and work from home. We all have had to adapt to working from home, instead of travelling to the office and as 46% of people in employment in April 2020 worked from home, this quickly started to become our normal routines.

Your work environment can directly affect productivity. Numerous studies have demonstrated that characteristics of a physical office space such as temperature, air quality, lighting and noise levels can have significant effects on behaviour, perceptions and productivity of employees.

It is important to consider the same factors when it comes to your home working environment and how the characteristics of your space can impact how much work you can get done.

Although it may not be possible to adapt and change your home workspace as much as a physical office environment, there are some simple interior design tricks such as updating your wallpaper or embracing a new colour scheme; which you can easily implement to create the perfect space to work from home in. Interior Design within office environments is highly valued by employees, with 33% of potential employees stating that the office design affects their decision to take the job.

However, before you just choose any wallpaper and think this will do the trick. It is important to learn more about your work space. What type of work will you be doing? Creative? A workspace for children? Or a more traditional set up. Choosing the wrong wallpaper pattern or paint colour can in fact act as a distraction and stop you from focusing on tasks you need to complete.

Refresh your wallpaper. Refresh your mind.

Colours, patterns and textures can have an impact on our senses, which can either be inspiring, motivating, relaxing or sometimes distracting.

It is important to think, will your workspace be dedicated to work which requires a great deal of concentration, training, studying or developing new skills? Or is the work you intend to do manual, crafty, artistic or creative? Decisions about materials, colours, patterns and specific room characteristics can be made easier when you understand more about your space and what you can add to it to help you focus.

Finding the perfect wallpaper colour for your home office

Blue: Known for its ability to add a sense of calm to any room, blue can also help boost productivity making it perfect for a home office space. It is also good for tiring mental or physical work and helps prevent stress and retain energy.



If you will be working long hours in your home office space, then you want a colour that won’t “tire” you out quickly that colour is green. The human eye processes green the easiest so this is a great choice. Green keeps the mind fresh and awake without being overstimulated or distracting. Green can work as a motivator and is considered the colour of hope!


There’s nothing like a shade of yellow to invoke enthusiasm and optimism. This colour is great for the more creative work settings and promotes positivity throughout your working days.


For work that is more hands-on, red is a great color since it stimulates your senses and creates a high-energy environment. That being said, this isn’t a great choice if the majority of your work requires a quiet atmosphere or if you’re in the office for an extended period of time.


The colour pink is often associated with kindness and compassion; it is said to have a calming effect on many which makes it perfect for a home office space. As well as creating a calming environment, pink is often associated with being creative and artistic, again perfect to encourage any creative forms of work.


Finally, we have brown which is said to represent resilience, security and safety. Adding a feeling of warmth, comfort and security to your home office, all important factors which can influence your productivity.

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