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Exercise Your Right To Accessorise!

When it comes to the things in life that really float our boat, it’s human nature to tinker, add, upgrade and exchange.

And whether you’re a keen gamer, avid biker, passionate athlete or dedicated fashionista – no hobbyist’s life is ever truly complete without the addition of some thoughtfully selected accessories.

If, like us though, it’s spending time and effort on your home that stokes your fire – you’ll fully appreciate the myriad accessories available to personalise your pad, and will always relish the opportunity to add some fresh decorative touches to your digs.

Here, we pick out four of our favourite ways to accessorise your home for the winter.

1. Start as you mean to go on

The first thing guests should see when they enter your home should be something you love, whether it’s a piece of wall art, a vase of flowers, or a special souvenir. If you’re looking to showcase your personality from the off, why not pop one of our cute animal doorstops in your porch?

Winter wonderland.jpgIMG_1456-800x800.JPG


2. Add instant warmth

Drape soft and luxurious throws on chairs, the sofa, or the end of your bed for easy access to extra warmth. Perfect for wrapping around your shoulders on Christmas Eve whilst on Santa watch, our fleece blankets are as versatile as they are snug – and are sure to add a sumptuous sense of luxury to any living space.




3. Frame it

With house trends changing with the seasons, it’s the perfect excuse to change out mainstays and make a few seasonal changes. Got a few favourite photos of your family frollicking in the snow? Give your year-round frames a rest, and add your snow-day memories into these Christmassy Diamond Crush photo frames.



4. Mix in metallics

Metallic decor radiates light, so switch out your earthy tones for a few small pieces in gold and silver accents to add sparkle and glamour. Hang a gold key decoration from your living room door, pop our silver bulldog on the coffee table, or nest these eye-catching ceramic owls either side of your fireplace.

GW786-L0-MGD-800x800.jpgSmooth Chrome Standing Bulldog-800x800.jpgGW1201-L0-WHSV-800x800.jpg

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