Design Inspiration | Designer Walls pt.1 Steve Leung

When you walk into your room do you want to feel part of something special? When we get to be part of the worlds leading designers new collections we feel like VIP’s! Now here at Home Flair Decor we know a thing or too about what looks great, but like you we also look for a name we know and trust. Graham and Brown are just that, awarded cool brand status for the third year in a row, we know we will love their exclusive designer collaborations.


So if you want that extra special feeling from your wallpaper take a look at Steve Leung’s Eastern Promise Collection from Graham and Brown. With the personal ethos “Bringing space to life, creating space for life” it was only a matter of time before this clever man found his way into the wallpaper world. A world renowned interior designer, winning the Best Interior Designers Worldwide Award a jaw dropping nine times, you can relax knowing your in safe hands!


Steve’s ‘Bao‘ sophisticated, Chinese panelling design really shows off his background in architecture and if you prefer a bit more glamour he uses a similar geometric style in the ‘Juan‘ design only with a elegant dusting of glitter. A Strong believer in minimalism, Steve Leung uses a mix of contemporary metallics and desirable neutrals. If your a fan of everything oriental you will love the ‘Jiao‘ kimono style florals which twin beautifully with the sleek and slender ‘Mai‘ stripe or the forward thinking \’Yuan\’ semi plain.


In between designing wallpaper and managing two of his own internationally recognised design companies, this guy is currently working on what is to be the tallest building in Europe, the luxury Shangri-La hotel in London! So if I was you I’d get decorating quick before he comes in and does it all for you! That’d be nice wouldn’t it?!

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