Bring Haute Couture into your Home with Designer Wallpapers

At Home Flair decor, we put our hearts into finding the best wallpapers and decor available, so that you can make your house a truly unique and beautiful home. And when it comes to unique beauty, few people can make a statement quite like the stars of high fashion.

What great luck for us, then, that these luminaries of style and taste have brought their keen eyes for aesthetics to the home, and given us some remarkable options for adorning the walls of our rooms.

Versace, with their Home Collection range, and Julien MacDonald, with his Fabulous range, have created some truly unique designs, which we’re proud to stock. We thought we’d give a little rundown of these two design brands and what they can do for your home.

Versace Home Collection

Versace Home Collection Wallpaper

Versace are one of the names when it comes to designer clothing and haute couture. The design house was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, and the design house has lived in renown ever since. Their clothing has adorned countless runways and red carpets, has defined a whole look in men’s suits, and has even made people’s careers (who can forget Liz Hurley in that dress?)

Versace started their Versace Home range in 1994, and have since expanded it to include nearly everything you’d need to create the designer abode. From Chairs and Tables, to furnishings and, of course, wallpapers, the range is full of the elegant, timeless style for which the maison is famous.

As Versace put it: ‘The fashion house’s glamour and luxury comes alive into everyday living’

The styles in this range are a firm favourite of ours, and can transform even the most regular of terraces into a realm of stunning luxury. These designer wallpapers bear links to the Versace emblems of the Medusa head, the neo-classical Greek key, and the barocco motif, and are, quite simply, breathtaking.

Fabulous, by Julien MacDonald

Julien, our home-grown talent from Wales, first made waves when Karl Lagerfeld approached him to work for Chanel, while he was still working on his MA. His next career step was as Head Designer at Givenchy. All the while, he’s gained world renown for his own brand of clothing, and his designs have been worn by models, pop stars and actors alike.

He’s never been afraid of mixing the high-brow elements of the European catwalks, with more playful and pop-culture work (he even went so far as to appear on Strictly Come Dancing), and he’s created designs for airlines and shopping centres.

This mix of the serious and playful really comes across in his range of wallpapers for Graham and Brown. The ‘Fabulous’ range includes fine, ornate designs, such as the Glimmerous wallpaper, and bright, joyful prints such as Flutterby.

Watch this space!

It still seems like early days for the world of designer wallpapers, though it’s over a decade since Versace first brought Haute Couture into the home. We hope that more design houses catch on, but we’ve got more than enough inspiration to go on from these brands.

Whether you’re a firm follower of fashion, or you just want a beautiful design to adorn your walls, we think these designer ranges go that ‘extra mile’ in adding elegance, and unique style to your home.

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