Brick Wallpaper Inspiration for Your Home in 2020

Brick wallpaper brings a contemporary but rugged feel to your home and is currently on-trend in the world of home interiors. Bringing the outside in is a great way to create a calming and stylish option to mix things up in the living room or even the bedroom. This ever-growing trend continues to bring us new presentations, textures and tactile finishes that shine a new light on the industrial look.

Textured Brick Wallpaper

The Milan Brick Silver Blown Vinyl Wallpaper is a brilliant way to introduce a rugged loft look into any modern and perfectly finished home. Its shimmering metallics reveal a new look from day to night and happily sits with your stunning crystal and velvet crush furniture plus the texture helps to disguise any uneven surfaces you may face.


Industrial Brick Wallpaper

Creating the loft apartment look has never been easier, our Loft Grey Brick Wallpaper is a perfect choice to complete your design theme. Whether you want a modern slant with a soft grey or are looking to be true to our industrial heritage with a red brick. These subtly textured options have a realism to them that is hard to beat, additional shadowing makes a real difference on these wallcoverings.


Metallic Brick Wallpaper

When you have a dark room you want to brighten up a or you want to make a space more intimate, one of these metallic embellished brick wallpapers can be a great option. Our White/Silver is illuminating, offers great definition and the illusion of depth where the mortar should be. Added scrapes, scratches and brushstrokes are all flashed with silver to highlight realness.

Going deep? The Navy/Gold option can add a rich cosiness and warmth to any snug, alcove or even bedroom. See how the gold metallics flicker in candlelight on an evening.

Vintage Brick Wallpaper

Where you wish to retain, replace or restore character to your property these brick wallpapers mix both texture and print to produce an aged look. The Vintage Pastel Housebrick Wallpaper moulds itself on reclaimed materials with charming hints of what each bricks previous life was like, a splash of paint or a missing corner can really tell a story,


Thinking of getting Stoned?

A great alternative to brick wallpapers are stone and rock effect patterns. Take a look at our slate wallcoverings, these offer a distinct and more natural finish whether presented classically “on edge” or in a different arrangement such as “diagonal” or “herringbone”. Colourways range from charcoal and grey to natural and sandstone.


Would you prefer Wood?

We continue to feature simulated wooden panels, planking and boarding in the wallcovering collections for 2020. These range from simple wallpapers up to high end sculptured Italian Vinyl so feel free to browse these if our brick and stone patterns leave you feeling cold.


Traditional brickwork wallpapers have been popular in home decor from late 2018 and will continue to be the wallpaper of choice for feature walls in the living room, kitchen and bedroom in 2020. However, it is important to take room shape and lighting into account when selecting your wallpaper. Exposed brickwork effect wallpapers work great on feature walls, so it is important that you select the right shade to complement the industrial tones in both your space and the wallpaper.


Feeling inspired? If you’re ready to take on the task yourself, we have a range of how to guides to get you started.

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