Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas: Make a Splash

The bathroom is perceived to be a difficult place to decorate but using wallpaper is a great way to add a splash of colour to a room that can sometimes be designed with functionality first.

If you’re looking to add some personality to the bathroom then wallpaper will bring some much craved character to the room. It may not always be the first option that comes to mind when it comes to bathroom decor, but it is a great way to achieve the desired look without the hassle and expense of using ceramic tiles.

Can you use wallpaper in the bathroom?

Home Flair Decor resident wallpaper expert Kelly says “There will always be critics, but with a well-ventilated bathroom, with a window or extractor fan, the bathroom will look great with wallpaper without it quickly getting damaged. Just use a good ready mixed adhesive to ensure a long lasting finish.”

It is important to keep wallpaper away from direct contact with water. The odd splash is fine but keep it directly away from the shower and bath.

The wallpaper industry has created a set of universal symbols to advise on a wallcoverings properties, when it comes to washability the set of icons below will aid you to select the correct product for your room!

Feature Wall

A little worried about getting the wallpaper wet? Stick to a feature wall as it is a proven way to make a statement and you can target the wall furthest away from the water if the roll shows the washable or super washable symbols.

Adding wallpaper with aquatic themes and natural tones brings a relaxing beach to your bathroom. Tiles & More Beachwood & Shells Washable Wallpaper adds depth to functional spaces with durability to withstand splashes making this the ideal choice for a feature wall in the bathroom or to accompany tiles.

Alternatively, our Inspiration Wall Bowden Motif Wallpaper introduces a splash of colour along with that driftwood / beach hut wood panel effect and is washable. If you like the colour pallet here, we have a full range of teal and teal and grey wallpaper available – in varying levels of wash-ability.

Tiled Bathroom Wallpaper - Washable

Tile Effect

If you’re looking for a tile effect but do not want the expense that comes with it, you should consider a highly washable tile effect wallpaper designed for high humidity areas. Kelly’s choice is the Tiles & More Metro Tile Effect Wallpaper in black or white , adding a contemporary tile shape with enhanced depth to create the signature bevelled edge illusion.

Tile Effect Bathroom Wallpaper

Geometric Pattern

The bathroom is a high traffic area, so whilst you want to choose a wallpaper that is stylish and adds personality, it needs to bevery durable. Home Flair’s Spring choice is the Tiles & More Chevron Black/ White Wallpaper is a contemporary cushioned vinyl with a discreet glittered finish to bring a bathroom into the 21st century.

Looking for a more glamorous statement? Take a look at this washable geometric gem, Kayla Heavyweight Embossed Vinyl Wallpaper it has reflective foils and a trendy ombre fade.

Feeling inspired? If you’re ready to take on the task yourself, we have a range of wallpaper how to guides to get you started.

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