An Expert Guide To Decorating Your Children’s Bedroom

We know it can be pretty difficult to find inspiration when it comes to kids wallpaper and children’s room decor in general. So, whether your child is into Disney’s Frozen, Thomas the Tank Engine or they’re now in their teenage years, we have some great ideas to brighten up their bedroom.

Baby Boy Wallpaper

Once you have the essential furniture in the room, it’s time to add some personality. Whilst you want something that adds a little bit of individuality, it’s important to choose something you’ll be happy with until they’re old enough to be running around developing their interests and personality.

When it comes to baby boy wallpaper, you may be thinking the ever so popular ‘sky blue’. However, we have some awesome options to break the norm.

The wallpaper shown above is the Hoopla Polka Spots Wallpaper by Decorline

The Hoopla Polka Spots Wallpaper provides some creative stimulation with a fun and creative pattern sure to put a huge smile your little one’s face.

The wallpaper show above is the Emergency Services Playground Wallpaper by Rasch

If you’re looking for something a little more stimulating and bright, the Emergency Services Playground wallpaper is sure to last him deep into his toddler years.

Baby Girl Wallpaper

If you’re thinking of a more traditional approach, you’re likely thinking pink for your baby girls early years. It’s important to create a calm and comfortable environment for your baby, and whilst we can’t promise a solid night’s sleep, we can help make the room look great.

The wallpaper shown above is the Stars White / Pink Glitter Wallpaper by AS Creation

Creating a calm atmosphere by night, but lighting the room up with sparkles in the day, our Stars White/ Pink Glitter wallpaper will put a smile on your little girls face.

Children’s Wallpaper

As your baby grows into the toddler phase and beyond, they’ll start developing their personality, so you should start to have a better idea of what they like. If you’re struggling to find the perfect wallpaper to match their personality, we’re here to help.

All kids have that one cartoon, TV show, or film they just love. Here is a selection of ways in which you can bring that to their bedroom. For more ideas, see our full range of children’s wallpaper

Frozen Wall Deco Wallpaper Mural

This Frozen Deco mural is one of the great character options we have for fans of Elsa, Anna or Olaf!

Carousel Pirates Treasure Map Wallpaper

The Pirates Treasure Map wallpaper is ideal for a child’s bedroom and will help stimulate their imagination and create an exciting play environment that will last years.

Teen Wallpaper Ideas

We have lots of options for teenage rooms on our website, here are a few of our favourites.

Iridescent Texture Multi Fantasy Wallpaper by Holden Decor

A new and young introduction to the Holden Decor Statement Feature Wallpapers label comes with fantasy, imagination and of course good wishes, let us entice you to dress your little ones walls with this multicoloured, dreamy wallpaper pattern.

Of course, this is just a snapshot of the great options available to you. Check out our website for many more wallpaper options for children and teens, as well as cushions, lighting and homeware options for all-around your home.

We also have a range of discounted designer wallpapers, if you are looking to save money on decorating your child’s bedroom.

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