7 Autumn Interior Design Trends you should know about

Autumn is here and the verdict for this season’s hottest trends are in. The most popular trends this year reflect on some of the changes we have had to make to our home as a result of the pandemic.

The main theme for the trends this Autumn is comfort, convenience, and colour!

So, sit back, relax, grab a hot drink and let’s take a look at the 7 hottest trends you should know about…



Bringing the outdoors indoors has always been a popular trend in interior design, and it goes to show this is even popular in the colder seasons.

The term doesn’t mean you have to transform your house into a greenhouse. In Autumn, you can embrace this trend by switching to natural fibres like wood, wicker, cane as well as fabrics like wool, linen, and cotton. You can view our range of wood paneling wallpaper and industrial designs to master this look.

You can also use wallpaper designs that showcase patterns inspired by nature, such as our floral and tropical range.

Classic contemporary

Contemporary decorating style is timeless and defined by a classic approach to bringing a room together through luxurious simplicity.

Go to colours when trying to create a classic contemporary look are; neutrals along with grey, black and white, these colours are used to define and ground a room.

Dark green decor

One of the standout trends for this season has been creeping in for the past couple of years and has finally arrived in full force: deep, velvety green.

Whether the look is moody and elegant or soft and subtle, dark green can create a dramatic effect in a room – and it’s also one of this season’s most fashionable colours

View our range of dark green wallpaper and paint today

Warm neutrals

Neutral will always be a classic. Think of a neutral color scheme as an investment, allowing you to avoid buyers’ remorse and ensuring an interior design that will never grow old.

View our range of warm neutral wallpaper and paint today


Marble as a semiprecious stone has always been associated with sophistication and luxury, therefore a really popular choice when it comes to top end interior design schemes. Achieve the look at home this Autumn in a colour that suits your personality.. and pocket!

Marble wallpaper can instantly transform a space, giving it a contemporary look that’s incredibly versatile for decor.


Stripes are an easy go-to this Autumn, they are able to visually change the proportions of a room or space at home. Choose a stripe and hang it in the direction you prefer most, go horizontal or diagonal for extra interest and pick a size stripe to suit the wall you want to transform.

Stripes are a great choice to keep everyone happy at home with your design choices, we have a full range of striped wallpaper for you to choose from so take a closer look.

Adding a splash of colour

Adding a splash of colour to your home is an easy way to transform a plain room into a space that offers a warmer atmosphere. We are proud to stock Johnstone’s paint which has a diverse range of colours to play with in a finish that suits your lifestyle.

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