6 Things I Wish I’d Known When Decorating My First Home

Few things in life compare to the liberating, landmark life event of securing your first home. With so many options to face and moving credentials to unpack, it can be hard to focus on the really exciting task of decorating.

Many of us just retreat to familiar, safe and let’s face it underwhelming decor, leading to a trail of disappointment (and white paint) in our wake.

This condition is not limited to the young. These days, it’s not unusual to find people of all ages starting over. Whether it’s for a career progression, a life choice or retreat to a dream destination, these steps can help you with the process of decorating your home for the first time:

1) Make a list

When faced with a blank canvas, it can be tempting to run wild. Buy everything and anything you can get your hands on to make your home look perfectly pretty in every way. Expensive and time consuming projects like decorating your home need careful planning and precision. Don’t walk before you can run. Write down a list of all items you currently own, the ones you would like to and then head over to our Instagram for inspiration.

2) Have a budget

As mentioned above, just like making lists, it’s sensible to have a budget (and stick to it). After the costly task of putting down a deposit for your dream pad, money will regrettably be tight. Do you have an overwhelming urge to add everything to your basket when out shopping, without looking at the price tag? Risky move! Don’t be lured into spending your pennies on expensive home interiors.

Home Flair Decor have a stand-out range of designer interiors such as wallpaper, lighting, wall art and homewares at prices to suit all budgets.

3) Disastrous decor?

If you’ve just moved into a 1960’s time capsule with retro fitted decor, don’t worry. The best way to rectify this seemingly unfortunate problem (if you don’t like retro 60’s) is unifying through colour. Let’s say you have a sofa that has just one thing in common with the furniture in the rest of your room: a splash of colour in the fabric that matches the rest of your room’s upholstery. Solution? Pick out a wallpaper that complements this colour combination.

4) Decide what style you like

So many people don’t know what style is for them. It’s not that they don’t have ideas – they just don’t know how to articulate those preferences. The best way to pin down the right look for you is to take a look at other homes for inspiration.

At the risk of sounding self-serving, there are some fabulous examples of how you could decorate your home over on our product pages. You can peruse at your leisure, save your favourite ones and create a lookbook to revert back to when decorating.

5) Personalise with homewares

Wall art, accessories and unique textiles bring your home to life. Though you may have opted for basic, plain styles in the past now is your chance to really make an impression with home decorating more in line with your personal style.

6) Splurge on lighting

Once you have selected the bigger items for your home, we suggest picking out some overhead lighting to shine a spotlight on all that decorating. Quick and easy to fit, our selection of pendant lighting will add visual impact to your home in seconds. With various different styles and colours to choose from, they are the perfect addition to any home.

Want some inspiration for your new home? Our website has a wide selection of unique products at great prices to add that finishing touch to your home. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give our friendly team a call on 0161 729 1686 and we’ll help you make the right selection.



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