5 Throwback Trends We Still Secretly Love

There’s no denying it. Everything that was once old, becomes new again and that includes dated decor! It would be a mistake to pass off your grandparents choice of fabulous florals, embroidered panels and woven tea cosies, as positively ancient or passé.

Want to get the retro look but don’t want to live in a refurbished time capsule? With Easter half-term fast approaching, get the whole family involved and reinterpret those tried-and-true aesthetics to create a home to be admired. Here are 5 decorating trends with a unique throwback twist:

1) Bold Geometrics

No! You mean garish, god-awful designs popular with grandmas the world over? Well believe it or not, no matter how you try to fight it, these strong lines and vivacious colours are back in fashion.

These dashing, daring prints and patterns were a playground for interior designs looking to spruce up a home back in the day. Now that geometrics are making a contemporary comeback, it’s their ability to breathe energy into a room that we have fallen in love with again.


If you too are loving this retro trend and would like to give bold, bigger and brighter designs a place in your house, try dotting our Abstract Spot Cushions across your sofa or perhaps give our bold Adara Embroidered Cushion a try coupled with the woven zigzag pattern of our Abstract Textured Cushion.

2) Wild Wallpapers

Wallpapers have been transforming our homes into unique, personalised spaces for over 500 years now. And with the help of an experienced wallpaper specialist, *ahem* Home Flair Decor and a few rolls of the stuff you can do that too!

Not all that long ago, homes across the UK were branded formidable with the most wild wallpapers imaginable. From fabulous florals to wonderfully woven textures, there was a wallpaper to suit every household imaginable.


This may not sound like your desired decor, but you would be a fool to dismiss these historic trends which are making a comeback in homes across the country. Take our Fleece Royal Wallpaper with soft cream tones and an antique gold metallic emblem – a real statement in home decor luxury.

3) Comic Wall Murals

If you love action and adventure, you will be hard pressed to ignore this trend! Comic-inspired films have turned into box office booms this year with the ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ taking centre stage in homes across the UK. Geek is the new chic and comic art is transforming our homes giving us the perfect chance to re-live the action every day.


Browse our bold collection of impressive printed murals including the Comic Strip Wall Deco Wallpaper Mural and Animated Marvel Avengers Wallpaper Mural.

4) Brighter Borders

Remember when you couldn’t walk into a house without spotting a funky looking wallpaper border? While we’re over the tradition of matching all rooms with a border in an attempt to break up wall space, there are still ways these traditional borders can be used in to add style and definition.

Your bedroom is a great place to start! If your room has plain walls, then a border can be used to generate interest, or if your walls are patterned, our generous collection of wallpaper borders can be used to break up the patterning with a new style.

If you’re looking for a luxury, designer product this classic Versace Greek Black & Gold Wallpaper is the one for you, or if you prefer a stunning floral design, go for the traditional Roxanne Border.

5) Mod Designs

Accentuated objects in interesting shapes and sizes are the definition of retro decor. While you don’t have to invest in the most wacky wall art possible (or do if that’s totally you!), touches of mid-century designs can add a fresh element to a modern room.


For a fun, retro-inspired flair, shop our range of metal wall art giving your kitchen or living room a quirky look that is sure to generate interest from your friends and family when visiting.

Have we peaked your interested in mid-century designs and mod colours? Comment below with your favourite #Throwback trend and be sure to check out our entire selection of wallpapers, borders, lighting, wall art and homewares!



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