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Office Wallpaper

A study might not be the first place you think of to decorate with wallpaper, but it is likely to be a room you spend a lot of your time in, so it should provide a nice atmosphere that will inspire you to work and help keep you focussed. Adding wallpaper could be the key to creating your dream office space, so browse our select range of wallpaper for home office use, and read our study wallpaper ideas below.

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Showing 1 to 24 of 104 (5 Pages)

Is it okay to be bold with office wallpaper?
Our instinct says definitely, but to determine how bold you can be, you might want to first consider what you use your space for. Do you go in your study to get away from it all and relax? Is it a creative space that needs to bring out the best in you? For the former, opt for relaxing colours like green and blue in rounded or flowing shapes. If it’s the latter, you can try a multi-coloured geometric pattern, for example.

What wallpaper do you recommend for a small study?
For a small office, we’d recommended a muted colour scheme with a single feature wall. This means you’ll benefit from the feeling of light and space while giving you a creative outlet. Our top picks for home office wallpaper are spots, stripes and prints, and the larger the room, the larger-scale pattern you can allow.

How else can I use wallpaper for a study?
If you don’t want to cover whole walls with wallpaper, there’s lots of creative ways you can use wallpaper in your study. HomeFlair have a range of patterns and designs that can be used for stand-alone pieces of artwork. You could buy a large canvass and cover it with a bold wallpaper, or you could cut out individual shapes and stick them on the walls to create unique wall art.

How many rolls of wallpaper should I order?
That all depends on the size of your study and how many walls you want to cover. Feel free to use our Wallpaper Roll Calculator, which gives you guidance on measuring up and suggests how many rolls are need to cover your space.

Need some advice with decorating your study? That’s what we’re here for! Call the wallpaper experts on 0161 729 1686 or reach us via our contact form.

And for more wallpaper for study room inspiration, follow our blog.


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