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How to Use Brick Wallpaper in Your Home

You only need to flick through a recent home interior magazine to see that exposed brick walls are all the rage. Bringing the outdoors indoors can change the mood of a room instantaneously, wanting to relax and unwind can otherwise be particularly difficult if you live in the hustle and bustle of a city.

There are lots of tips and techniques on how to make your home feel more rustic. Unfortunately, sometimes truly exposed brick just isn’t feasible and natural stone or slate just isn’t practical in some homes and for most budgets. That’s why we sell the next best thing - Brick, Wood & Slate effect wallpapers. These simulated natural finishes are a fantastic way to achieve the look without the hassle, mess or cost of the real thing.

If you find it difficult to branch out (pardon the pun!) with your home decor – why not start with a room that you don’t use as much, such as a guest bedroom? Buying a few rolls is quick and simple, just use our Wallpaper Calculator to check how much rolls you will need to cover just one or two walls and we can have them with you in a few days.

To start with, try a softer rustic design, like our Faro 4 Authentic Wood Panels wallpaper, before going all-out with exposed brick, to test whether it is to your taste.

The wood effect wallpapers make a natural statement – so keep your other walls plain and simple so you don’t over-do it or detract from your new wall.

The Living Room

If a brick or stone effect wallpaper has already won you over and you can’t wait to dress your living room in it, make a plan before you get started. The living room is the heart of the home and where you’ll spend a lot of precious moments – bring in some warmth by opting for a red brick effect wallpaper or keep things cool and bright with a soft white or grey.

Ideally, the wallpaper needs to be the focal point of the room or tie in with it. Should you have a grand fireplace, for example, make sure that the brick wallpaper is used sparingly and compliments the colour/texture of the fireplace.

If the wallpaper is the focal point, keep the rest of the room simplistic and minimalist with a complementary neutral colour scheme.

The Kitchen

Some homes can argue that the kitchen is actually the heart of their home. If your family spend a lot of time here and space is more multifunctional than utilitarian, you might want to bring the calming atmosphere of a natural stone effect wallpaper into the kitchen.

This room can get messy, so we’d recommend two options for this hard-working space. Either out super washables like our Faro 4 and Rock Wall patterns or choose a paintable brick wallpaper – perfect if you get bored easily as you can change the colour in a snap!

Kitchen walls tend to be covered in cabinets, so unless you have an incredibly simplistic design, a brick effect wallpaper will be a balancing addition rather than a focal point. Keep within the colour scheme and don’t over-do it!

How to Accessorise

If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person, or just want your home to feel a bit more ‘zen’, we’d recommend:

  • Sticking to a light, natural colour scheme
  • Maximising natural light, aided by discreet lighting such as an LED Twiggy heart decor
  • Using natural materials (for example, using a wooden coffee table instead of a glass one)
  • Whether they're real or faux – plants, everywhere!

If you want it to feel a little more homely,  we’d recommend:

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