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How to decorate a Girl’s Bedroom

A girl's bedroom should be an oasis of calm from all the noise and distractions of the outside world and is likely to be the place where most of her memories, emotions, challenges and triumphs are processed during her formative years.

So when it comes to creating a space that provides stimulation for study, a touch of sophistication for socialising, and a relaxing sanctuary for her all-important sleep ...how do you go about picking the perfect wallpaper?

Luckily, the good news is there are no rules, but just like the decisions you make for grown-up rooms, the most important thing is to choose something that reflects her blossoming personality.

And best of all - if your daughter is old enough to help with the big decision, ask for her input! This way, she'll have a vested interest in the room from the very start, and who knows - it might even encourage her to keep it clean!

Where do I start?

It's wise to pick a specific colour theme or pattern for the bedroom, and then work backwards from there. Your wallpaper - even if it's just a few patterned lengths on a feature wall, will become a great focal point to base your daughter's soft furnishings and bedding around.

How much consideration should I be giving to the quality of the paper?

While pretty is important, practicality is also a must. So whether you're decorating for a lively toddler or a tireless teenager - it pays to pick a wallpaper that can stand up to the occasional crash, bang and wallop!

My daughter loves your designer wallpaper, but aren't they really expensive? With the influence of celebrity all around us these days, it's only natural for your girl to want to live like one. However, if the very thought of designer paper has started to make your pulse race w about the budget - you needn't worry!

Our experts have cherry-picked a wide range of designs from the very best brands in the business, and because we deal with them directly, we can pass the savings straight onto you.

How do I know how many wallpaper rolls to get? Made your decisions on the walls you'd like your daughter to wake up to? Head straight on over to our page for instructions on how to measure up, and we'll let you know exactly how many rolls you'll need to decorate her room with the minimum of wastage.