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Seriano Wallpaper

The stunning Seriano wallpaper collections from  Belgravia Decor  combine contemporary design with the unsurpassed texture of heavyweight Italian vinyl. Why not see which one of  the Monte Verde, Pietra,or Lace Rose and Verona ranges is the right wallpaper for your home? 

Based out of Milan, Seriano Studios are a leader in design and quality, they offer both classic and contemporary patterns to suit modern living spaces and traditional homes. Thanks to the superb standards that are adhered to, you can ensure fantastic results without a seam in sight!

Showing 1 to 24 of 36 (2 Pages)
Showing 1 to 24 of 36 (2 Pages)

Belgravia Decor is home some beautiful collections, as after all, it is one of the leading wallcovering suppliers in the UK and Seriano is definitely one of them! The brand is renowned for its luxury, high quality wallpaper patterns and the Seriano range is no different. Full to the brim with contemporary designs on heavyweight vinyl, Home Flair offers the complete collection to choose from.

Every home is different and every homeowner has their own eclectic tastes. Why not browse through all the Seriano ranges today to find the right wallpaper for your house. 

How do I pick a collection?

- Lace Rose is perfect for homeowners wanting a subtle and traditional look and feel of wealth with stunning sheen lace relief.

- Pietra a wallcovering simply drips in style- it has to be the most luxurious collection out of the Seriano range as it's mosaics shimmers and sparkles thanks to added micas!

- Finezza, otherwise meaning finesse, starkly contrasts in that it offers large shimmering chrysanthemums for a blooming piece of art. 

- The Kasmir collection has taken detail to a whole new level with swirling crests and emblems to create a magnificent tapestry design with shimmering embellishments. Simple but breathtaking!

- The Regency collection says it all in the name- real elegance and real grandeur with stunning motifs, exquisite sculptured damasks and textured silk like plains. 

-  The Berkeley wallcovering shimmers and sparkles thanks to added micras, the mosiacs form an arched surface, simply beautiful.

- The Tilly collection is exclusively produced by Belgravia Decor in the Seriano studios in Milan. Featuring delicate leaf trails, the range has an ageless simplicity and long-lasting quality.

Last but not least, the Monte Verde range offers an opulent theme to any decor and features lavishly embossed climbing leaf trail and creased silk background. Great for both a traditional or a contemporary setting!

If you’ve got any questions about any of the products, give us a call today on 0161 729 1686 for expert advice.


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Wallpaper is my passion and quite possibly it's in my blood! Having grown up in the industry I've been buying and selling this fantastic product for the last twenty years. I want to encourage those who share my “passion” and persuade others to add pattern and texture to their walls. Wallpaper has become a trend item once again, introducing a new generation to the possibilities of this product. It's time to #DressYourWalls and customise your home to reflect your personality, let me help you turn your house into a home.