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Silver Birch Motif White / Silver Blown Vinyl Wallpaper by P+S International 13194-50

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£13.00 13.00 Per Roll

The purchase of 2 rolls of Silver Birch Motif White / Silver Blown Vinyl Wallpaper by P+S International 13194-50 will cost you a total of £26 plus delivery

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Decorate your entire living room* with Silver Birch Motif White / Silver Blown Vinyl Wallpaper by P+S International 13194-50 for only £104.00

Create your feature wall* with Silver Birch Motif White / Silver Blown Vinyl Wallpaper by P+S International 13194-50 for only £39.00

* Based on an average sized decorating project.
Product Details
  • Product Code: 13194-50
  • Dimensions: 1005.00 x 53.00 cm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Made by: P+S International
  • Match: Straight Match
  • Repeat: 64CM
  • Washablity: Super Washable
  • Hanging: Standard Hang
  • Lightfast: Good Lightfastness
  • Adhesive: Powdered Paste Adhesive
  • Application: Paste the Wall
  • Removal: Dry Strippable

Building on excellence, the Silver Birch design comes from the Ornamentic collection from Pickhardt + Siebert International . This blown vinyl wallpaper collection has taken quality and simplicity to the next level, fine swirling crest patterns merge together a on a soft white bark texture with added silver glitters within the grain. The motif emblem itself is overlaid this bark relief, produced in two colours we can see the motif in charcoal and soft grey. 

Each motif has been given a grain print effect, sitting slightly above the base texture the emblem is surrounded with a fine outline using metallic silver inks and glitters. The subtle white and grey colour of this wallpaper pattern makes it a great all wall solution and its paste the wall properties make it extra easy to hang!

Create a complete home decor look with the coordinating plain textures in white and soft grey!

Silver Birch Motif 13194-50 is produced in Germany by P+S International.

What You'll Need

How to Hang Wallpaper

This task should be fairly straightforward, whether you have experience doing DIY or none at all.

Getting Started

Always follow the manufacturers specific hanging instructions and checks on the reverse of the roll label, below is a typical hanging technique.

Step One: Measuring And Cutting The Wallpaper

Cut enough lengths of paper to complete the first wall, allowing at least 100mm for trimming (50mm at top and 50mm at bottom). Check the pattern match of the wallpaper. Use a tape measure and extend into a top corner of the room and mark the wall about 25mm in from the free edge. Hold the plumb line at ceiling height so that it passes through the pencil mark and make several more marks along the line. Join the marks up with the ruler or batten.

Step Two: Pasting

Paste the first sheet by spreading some paste into the centre and working the brush in a herringbone pattern to spread the paste to the edges. A good technique is to hold the paper against the table edge furthest from you and paste up to this edge first. Then slide the paper towards you and paste the nearest edge. Try to always work cleanly and don't allow paste to get on the front of the wallpaper.

Step Three: Folding

Fold the pasted sides inwards so that no paste touches the face side. Once pasted place to one side ensuring the soak time is adhered to, allowing the wallpaper to absorb some of the paste and become more pliable before you hang it.

Step Four: Hanging The First Piece

Lightly press the top of the first length against the wall, with a 50mm overlap at the top. Slide the edge up to the vertical line and use a smoothing brush to get rid of air bubbles. Again, use herringbone strokes from the centre. Trim the top and bottom of the length by creasing the paper into the skirting and ceiling/picture rail with the back of the scissors. Cut along the crease.

Step Five: Cleaning Off The Excess Paste

Hang the next length in the same way, butting the edge neatly against the first piece. Make sure the edges are firmly glued down by running a seam roller along the joint. Always sponge off any excess paste with a clean moist sponge or the paste will dry as a shiny patch.

Step Six: Finishing

Repeat the process for each length, ensuring that the edges meet exactly and the pattern is matched. At internal corners, measure from the last full width roll to the corner and add 15mm. Paste this cut length to the wall and press the small overlap piece around the corner. Overlap this piece with the next length of paper, using a plumb line for accuracy. For external corners, use the same technique but allow about 25mm overlap. Hang the first length on the new wall so that it is about 12mm from the corner.

Unfortunately we do not recommend any decorators.

Good Luck from Home Flair Decor.

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