The Experts’ Predicted Home Interior Trends for 2018


The world of home interior is ever-evolving, and it can be incredibly difficult, and expensive, to stay ahead of the crowd. However, much like the fashion industry, it’s also great to see once-was trends creep their way back into the spotlight.


Planning home improvement projects for the New Year? Our team of interior experts at Home Flair Decor have rallied together to provide our customers with top predictions on what to look out for in 2018…


1. Geometric shapes

Whilst geometric trends in 2018 are hardly groundbreaking, we’re set to see a massive unprecedented uplift in these designs. Previously associated with minimalism and more futuristic home interior themes, geometric wallpapers in particular are becoming more vast, varied and versatile. Designers are getting playful with geometry, allowing homeowners more scope to visualise these structured, rigid wallpaper patterns in their homes.



2. Grey continues to lead the way

There’s no doubt they grey is bang on trend right now, not just in the world of home interior! However, there’s no grey area when it comes to wallpaper, and this year we’re taking it up a notch. Compliment your current grey tones with contrasting colours; rose gold, peach or bronze.

The growing demand for grey, metallic and peach tones suggest that our range of designer grey wallpapers are showing no signs of fading into the background any time soon.


3. Brick wallpaper

So, brick wallpaper has officially re-entered the home interior market, but whether it’s quite snook it’s way into our homes is another matter! A lot of homeowners tend to prefer ‘playing-it-safe’ when it comes to designs a little more quirky or unusual, but we’re becoming increasingly open-minded about using wallpaper that mimics true brick, wood, slate and tile.

Thinking about decorating with brick wallpaper in 2018? Don’t jump in at the deep end. Dip your toes into the water by starting with one wall or feature. Before buying lots of rolls of brick wallpaper, choose a centre piece or statement feature to dress first, such as a chimney breast, to determine how you feel about creating the look of exposed brick in your home.

4. Minimalism with a twist

Sure enough, we’ve all left an IKEA showroom feeling inspired by all things futuristic, ready to channel our inner minimalist through our own home decor. But the days of ‘all white everything’ are looong gone, if that’s what you were planning!

Of course you’ll be glad to know that less is still more, and simply straightforward interior is definitely still bang-on trend! Opt for industrial style furniture, complimented by  a quirky element of interest such as this Pop Colours Wallpaper by AS Creation.

5. Personality

Rather than blindly following interior crowds, we’re seeing more people opting to inject more of their personality into their home. Rather than just ‘looking the part’, make your home more personal and you’ll enjoy spending time in the space much more – which is what is important, right?

If you’re quite a bubbly and excitable person, we’re suggest browsing our circle wallpaper collection. Concerned about keeping it tasteful? That’s what we’re here for…


6. Organics & Textures

Natural and organic patterns are a continuous trend in both wallcoverings and home decor, from stunning reliefs and textures to enchanting trees and skeletal leaf designs. Through 2018 we will see this again, we cannot help but be drawn to our roots and the mixture of bringing nature into the home will and extending the house into the garden will not end.


2018 Home Decor Advice

If you’re planning to decorate your home in 2018, but need advice on any of the above trends; how to keep it tasteful or reflect more of your personality, then get in touch with one of Home Flair Decor’s interior experts on 0161 729 1686.

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