New Year, New You, New Home Ideas

Home trends may come and go, but as the New Year creeps up on us thoughts soon turn to inexpensive, easy ways to give our homes an instant facelift.

This will be the year. Our homes are going from drab to dazzling and from simply liveable to Hollywood dream pad. We’re going to update that outdated IKEA furniture with a bright and bold colours that pop. Or, perhaps we’ll get that statement couch for the living room.

To get our inspirational juices flowing, we gathered a list of design ideas that are sure to inject a little sparkle into our homes in time for 2016. Warning – some of these images may make you feel dissatisfied with your current home efforts.


1) Try a new trend

With countless designs guaranteed to transform your house into a home worth entertaining friends and family, it can be difficult to select just the one. If you’re one with a minimalistic home looking to try something a little more adventurous, you’ve come to the right place. Having elegant white or cream interiors can make it easier to put your own stamp on things.

For a fresh take on trends, check out our most beautiful and brilliantly unique wallpapercollection available in all styles and patterns. Whether it’s a traditional backdrop you’re after, floral designs or modern designer wallpaper like this shimmering background bursting with sparkling embellishments and brightly coloured flutterby butterflies. This statement wall is sure to liven up your home, bringing the outdoors inside, no matter what the weather.


2) Think outside the box

There are countless ways to bring something a little different into your home, but perhaps the most interesting and often the most personal is the addition of wall art. This is a brilliant option if you’re looking to generate interest in large expanses of space, especially if you have a living room that needs an injection of life to highlight its potential.

If you really want to impress, we offer a wide selection of wall murals for all homes and tastes. Straddling the line between wallpaper and home decoration, these stunning designs are available in all sizes; from subtle to supersize cityscapes guaranteed to cover your walls. Whatever style you’re looking for to make your home unforgettable this year, we have something to suit everyone no matter how quaint or quirky.

3) Light up your life

No home is complete without a pendant light to brighten up all those fabulous new interiors. Think of your room as a dining table in need of a centrepiece to draw attention to your decorative efforts. The same applies to your home, and there’s nothing better than a sparkling light to add style and glamour to otherwise dark rooms.


4) Opt for textures

Having a room with nothing to break up your living space is a big mistake. There is nothing quite like adding a new dimension of colour and texture to increase visual impact and interest. Our range of textured cushions offer just that complete with ruffled, silk and shaggy look materials to choose from. This thick, fluffy cushion (only £17.00) will add loads of texture to your living room, softening it up and tempting your guests in with a comforting couch to sink into.



So, whether you’re looking to prepare your home for a New Year makeover or build on your current home decor, we have everything you need to make your home sparkle with sophistication and style. And, keep a lookout for our big January sales for further reductions across our entire range of home decoration products.


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