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Liz’s Blog | Co-ordinated Sorted!

Author: Home Flair Decor

Hi! Liz here!

I get so many of you contacting me because you\'ve found a feature wallpaper on Home Flair Decor that you love, but when it comes to co-ordinating papers and accessories you just don\'t know where to start!

So, when I had a little time free earlier, I put together some co-ordinated combinations which you might find inspiring. You can find all the links below to make it a little easier to find these items in the store!

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]


Wall Art


Tealight Delights




Wall Art


Floral Treats

Tealight Delights

Home Accessories

LOOK OUT! Realising how time consuming co-ordinating can be the buyers have sourced us a brand spanking new brand that does all the hard work for you! Amazing! Coming soon from iLiv five stunning collections where you can choose everything from wallpaper to bed linen and rugs to wall art. So go get yourself another drink, because your decorating will be done in no time!