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Liz\'s Blog | Liz is on her jollies! Features in HFD
Home Flair Decor 12 March 2013
Well Liz has left us for a weeks holiday, so I\'m standing in for her this week. I\'m Simon and I will try and step into Liz\'s shoes (not literally) for one week only. I want to advise on some of the features we have in the store, these features have been created to aid you to find what you want, give you suggestions, help calculate quantities and generally aid you experience.

I want to start with the style finder, this handy little feature is a powerful tool to search the store based on a couple of choices. On any page throughout the store you will see the style finder, its on the left hand side and falls just under the categories selections. Here you are given three choices, but you need not use them all to get yourself some great results. Here\'s how to use it!

Choose a category, a colour of choice and even a design style..

Home Flair Decor Style Finder

Using this tool will get you some brilliant results, looking for a Wallpaper? In Green? With Stripes?...Just try it!


Now you have found a great pattern, we want to show you our suggestions for co-ordinating patterns, these may help you create your design theme for your space. Once you\'ve arrived on your selected products page, take a look further down....keep scrolling...and you should arrive at the "Related Products" ribbon, here you will find a single or multiple companions for your chosen product, you may also see alternate colourways or prints. next time you are browsing the store...keep a look out!

Example of the related items to our products


So have you found your pattern, decided how to mix and match them...How many rolls will you need? Lets use the Wallpaper Roll Calculator! Its a real gem.

Home Flair Decor Wallpaper Calculator

So this handy tool takes your measurements and works it all out! So measure each wall that you want to decorate (corner to corner, floor to ceiling) and pop the numbers in, you have a choice of using either metric or imperial just select from the drop down menu. Don\'t put the tape measure away just yet, measure anywhere you don\'t need to wallpaper, so doors, windows, archways etc.

Ok so now you need to input your measurements, if you are only wallpapering one wall, simply enter one wall\'s dimensions or for a full room keep inputting the remaining measurements. Don\'t forget to add your numbers for anywhere that should be left out of the calculations, then click calculate! Your result should be made clear!

This calculator is only a guide but does give a pretty accurate result of coverage (based on a standard roll of 10.05m x 53cm), you do need to add to this to account for any pattern matching, this will vary by the repeat and match, you can always give us a call on 0161 729 1686 and we can double check the calculations for you!

I hope this proves to be helpful to all, these features are pretty neat and powerful and are super simple to use... I expect to see their use go through the roof!


Well that\'s all from me, i\'ll take these shoes off now and let liz keep you up to date when she gets back...i\'m sure she will have loads to say about her trip and the wall fashions from her destination!