Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas for the Family Kitchen

Many people don’t even consider wallpaper when it comes to decorating the kitchen, but with many great options around, including washable and tile effect wallpaper, it is often a much cheaper and far less time consuming than tiling.

As the main gathering space for every party, it’s important the kitchen looks the part. Here are all the on-trend styles to create a culinary spark in any kitchen.

Bringing holiday memories into your kitchen with wallpaper

Faro 4 Kitchen Wallpaper

The picture is Faro 4 Mediterranean Tile Wallpaper in Blue.

Sometimes you need some inspiration whilst you’re cooking up a storm, and sometimes the best way to do that is thinking of the nostalgic memories of a previous family holiday. A Mediterranean style feature wall can create that creative spark with unique and bright patterns to eliminate any winter blues.

Getting fruity with pineapple wallpaper

Gran Deco Pink Pineapple Wallpaper

The picture is Pink Pineapple Metallic Wallpaper.

Do you want to inspire a healthier lifestyle and have a great looking kitchen/diner? Bringing fruit themes into the kitchen is a fun way to bring a tropical atmosphere into your home and remind you to have your five a day!

A more tiled look

Ceramica Kitchen Tile Wallpaper

The picture is Ceramica White Subway Tile Effect Wallpaper.

It is important that any wallpaper directly near cooking and washing areas is washable to avoid damage. If you want to keep the tiled look then selecting specialist washable wallpaper is the way to go and is a lot cheaper than tiling. Selecting a small tile effect will give the illusion of size adding a larger and more contemporary feel to the kitchen, fitting the standards of any top Michelin star chef.

Glitter wallpaper

Ceramica Cream Slate Glitter Effect Wallpaper

The picture is Ceramica Cream Slate Glitter Wallpaper.

If you want to get away from the idea of tiles, coloured slate with a touch of glitter will provide on-trend textures with the same washable materials suitable for high humidity areas.

Bringing colour to the kitchen will provide a bright and fresh atmosphere, for a room the family will want to spend time in.

Brick Wallpaper

Gran Deco Brick Wallpaper Ideal for Kitchens

The picture is Vintage Brick Wallpaper in Pastel.

Brick style wallpaper is really on-trend and adds a touch industrial style to any living space. The illusion of exposed brickwork brings a raw beauty and cool vibe to the kitchen, working especially well in new property builds where real exposed brickwork is not possible.

Are you ready to decorate? Our wallpaper roll calculator will help you calculate the exact amount of roll needed to update your kitchen.

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