Fashion4Walls: Home Flair Decor’s Inside Scoop

The team here at Home Flair Decor are constantly striving to give you the very best products to dress your walls in style which is why our Director Kelly O’Neill, recently attended the Fashion4Walls trade exhibition.

The event takes place every year to establish the coming season’s hottest trends and products for the home and it is attended by some of the UK’s top decor retailers like A S Creation, Belgravia décor, Muriva and Rasch.

Not only was Home Flair Decor there to give you the inside scoop of designer’s key upcoming trends but we can also give you a special exclusive preview of some exciting collection launches.

What is F4W?

Fashion4Walls has become a much-anticipated event for independent retailers across the UK. Since the very first show nine-years-ago, the event has proved a huge success and for the past four years it has taken place just round the corner from us at The Hilton, Manchester Deansgate.


Kelly O’Neill said:

“We were really excited to be invited to the Fashion4Walls event to be able to get a chance to see the very latest collections by all the top designers under one roof. It was inspiring to see that wallcovering designs are becoming softer and nature influenced and the fact that luxury is also becoming prevalent is fantastic.

“We try to encourage customers to buy into lifestyle accessories such as cushions and wall art to go with their wallpaper, as well as decorate all four walls. Opulent looks, texture, glitter and gleam is definitely the next big trend and our glitter papers are flying out of the warehouse!”


So what are the next season’s top trends?

  • Butterflies, birds and botanical motifs
  • Muted naturals, soft blues and greens
  • Mirrored, overlapping photographic images, abstract and out-of-focus

Here is an A-Z breakdown of all the designers and their autumn/winter collections:

A S Creation


  • Traditional materials: like stone, wood and steel effects with metallic highlights
  • Vintage style: Retro, geometric and quirky designs teamed with vibrant colours.
  • Botanical, organic: It’s all about nature with hues of emerald, jade and green and flowers continuing to be a dominant design.
  • Tactile and glitter
  • Key colours: Grey, Nautical themes.

Belgravia Decor

  • Serenity: like breezy stems, see heads and grasses with butterfly motifs. Vintage crafted feel.
  • Botanica: exotic foliage like bamboo, tropical flowers and palm leaves.
  • Eclectic
  • Optic: decorative monochrome patterns, labyrinths, Moroccan and tessellated patterns.
  • Glitter and gleam
  • Key colours: Nature-inspired tones from soft sage and lime to emerald and teal.

Fine Decor


  • Return to nature: Bring the outdoors in for a photo-realistic look that extends your living space.
  • Botanical elements: Florals, butterflies, birds
  • Key colours: Soft and muted like leafy greens and dusty pinks. Coastal blues are popular.


Fashion 4 Walls- Muriva


  • Birds and butterflies: From dresses to hair ornaments, cushions to wallpaper, butterflies are ever popular and this trend is not about to flutter by anytime soon!
  • Vintage floral collages: Flowers used as elements in vintage collages.
  • Grasses: A distinct alternative to flowers.
  • Script and calligraphy: Fine handwriting has become very precious and has developed into an art form.
  • Opulent damasks and scrolls: Expensive-looking and eye-catching, everyone loves a bit of bling!


Fashion 4 Walls- Rasch

  • Vintage florals: Romantic and Botanical flora and fauna with heritage influences.
  • Glamour: Luxurious damasks and classical designs with an opulent feel, rich patterns and embellishments.
  • Global traveller: From far-off exotic lands, these designs ooze culture.
  • Mineral earth: Nature, foliage, feathers, natural textiles and organic materials.
  • Conversational: Photographic and nostalgic designs to create a talking point in the home.

So whether you want to dress your walls in beautiful butterflies, vintage florals, glitter and gleam or simply muted neutrals, Home Flair Decor has everything you could possibly need to transform your home.

Please feel free to browse through the rest of the thousands of wallpapers that we stock and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, give the friendly team a call on 0161 729 1686 or expert advice.

Make sure your home is on-trend this autumn/winter!

Fashion 4 Walls- New Designer Collections

Fashion 4 Walls- bold buildings

Fashion 4 Walls- florals

Fashion 4 Walls- bold floral trend

Fashion 4 Walls- bird trend

Fashion 4 Walls- rose season

Fashion 4 Walls- bottles

fashion 4 Walls- black and white

Fashion 4 Walls- simplicity

Fashion 4 Walls- Stripes

Fashion 4 Walls- gold patterns

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