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Celebrate National Decorating Month 2017: 6 Industry Top Tips
Home Flair Decor 4 April 2017
It’s that time of the year again when all the team at Home Flair Decor jump up and down, twirl around and cannot sit still out of pure excitement- National Decorating Month! 
Can you imagine anything better than a whole month dedicated to everything that we love about home decor?
And April 2017 is set to be bigger and better than ever before because we’ve only gone and sourced the very best leading figures in the UK  to provide you with expert tips and advice to decorate your home this year. 
Now is the perfect time to revamp those walls and give the furnishings some TLC by injecting your space with on-trend design inspiration.

So without further ado, here’s what you need to know for the biggest interior trends of 2017:

Mike Ahern from Brit Decor, said:

Mike Ahern, Brit Decor

“Ditch the snobbery and get savvy.
"With a wealth of highly desirable and tempting interior furnishings and accessories out there, it’s easy to feel hugely frustrated when working to a tight budget, but don’t despair!  I always advise people in this situation to consider recreating their desired ‘look’ by simply applying some style-savvy sourcing.
"Most high-end items will have a middle price range equivalent and some will even have budget versions, if you are prepared to search for them. When renovating, leave the purchasing of accessories until last because once you know how much budget is remaining, accessories are the easiest items to source cheaply.
"Many high street & online homeware stores offer the luxe-look for less, so shop smart if budget is an issue!”




David Edwards, Design Consultant for BoConcept Manchester, said: 

“A trend this year not only for BoConcept but in Interiors is Blue. So many colours have proclaimed to be the new black over the years, but I feel we may have found it.
"Blue is playing an important role in interiors lately, especially with the introduction of ‘Dark Blue Napoli’ and ‘Dark Blue Lux Felt’ to BoConcept Manchester’s upholstery options.  
“I believe you can get a sophisticated, modern and welcoming interior when using the darker tones. Grey’s and white always work well with Blue but don’t be afraid to add gold or brass when styling your room for a touch of opulence.”



Andrea Morgan, Property and Interior Writer, Trying To Balance The Madness, said: 

“When you’re thinking of decorating, don’t just keep your eyes fixed on your interiors; look to your outdoor spaces too, especially with summer on its way.  
"Your garden is an extension of your home, so just as you would plan how to put a room together with colour and textures, the same approach should be followed for your garden. 
“Think about zoning your garden, to give an area for you to dine in, relax in, a space for the kids to play in, and even somewhere to grow vegetables.  By planting native plants you will be helping to protect our eco-system, and adding wildflowers will attract bees.”





Jan Rothwell, Girl About The House, said:

“Spring is upon us and there is a scramble in local DIY stores for all things to improve our homes and gardens.Spring sunshine always shows up the areas of the walls where we fixed up our Christmas decorations and somehow last year’s decorating always looks drab and in need of a facelift.
“Shades of grey are still up there as a neutral base colour, on which to inject a splash of colour.This season it all about 70’s bold primary colours for those of us that like to be on trend. Emerald green and canary yellow are my favourites this season.These colours together with post box red and royal blue, stripes,spots and checks give a sharp contrast to the white look! White is back in fashion, furniture and furnishings, for those that don’t remember it the first time around. For those that do, or for those of us that refuse to spend all our spare time cleaning, grey seems to be the way to go.
“Remember preparation is the key , without it no matter how much your paint or wallpaper costs, it won’t look good unless the surface you are painting on is sound and smooth.Taking the time to do this will be worth it.”

Rachel Southern, The Ordinary Lovely, said: 

“While greenery and tropical prints are going to be huge in 2017, for those of you who prefer your décor a touch more sedate, neutrals are having a moment, too.
"Blush pink continues to be on-trend but is now accompanied by pale grey and camel, even beige. Think muted colours but with lots of texture to make your home inviting.”

Victoria Harrison, Editor of, a platform for renovation and design said:

“On Houzz, we see many different trends and styles, as homeowners are personalising their homes to suit their own taste and budget. When we asked the Houzz community which trends they predict will go big in 2017, users forecasted that we would see a lot of velvet and brass. 
“In terms of pattern, Moorish mosaics seemed to be one to keep an eye on, followed by botanicals. Recently we have seen that blue and dark kitchens are appearing in more homes, and these are also popular search terms that have surged since last year.”
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For more top tips and advice on updating your decor in 2017, check out out How-To-Guides or give us a call on 0161 729 1686.