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Choose from:

  • Tall curved statement table lighting with reflective mirror glass mosaics or opaque transparent coloured glass.
  • Mosaic ball lamps featuring an open globe design which illuminates from the inside out. 
  • Regency trophy lamps with a mix of mosaics, antique style and a grand oval trimmed fabric shade.



Home Decor Specialist
Home Flair Decor

Expert advice from the Home Flair Decor Lighting specialists

Using lighting for function or for mood can dramatically change to look and the atmosphere within a space, with the correct illumination you will make you glitter walls glisten, your shimmers shine and your metallics make a statement.

The harsh but sometimes necessary functionality of ceiling light can be diffused with a series of standard and table lamps. Further to this for a soft and mood enhancing atmosphere mix in a touch of candle light, see my guide on How to Illuminate Your Home for a more detailed look into this topic.