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FAQ: Borders

Q - Do you send samples?

A - Yes, Samples are 30cm long for £1.00 each.

Q - How long are wallpaper borders?

A - Standard wallpaper borders are 5m long (16'), there are some which are double length at 10m (33') please check the dimentions on each product page to confirm length (500cm or 1000cm).

Q - Can I use wallpaper paste to stick my wallpaper border?

A - Paste will not adhere a border to any vinyl surface, this being vinyl wallpaper or vinyl emulsioned walls (such as vinyl matt, silk or soft sheen) it will simply curl as it dries and fall down. A border and overlap adhesive is required to permenantly adhere a wallpaper border to a wall.

Q - What type of adhesive should I use to stick my borders?

A - It is recommended that you use border and overlap adhesive to stick borders to walls and wallpaper, this is available in our tools & adhesives section.

Q - How do I hang a wallpaper border?

A - Apply border adhesive to the reverse of your wallpaper border using a brush, fold the border adhesive side to adhesive side and allow to soak as per the manufacturers instuctions. Apply your wallpaper border to your wall and smooth flat with a paper hanging brush, remove any excess adhesive immediately with a clean damp cloth, check the position is level before moving on to the next wall.

Q - Are wallpaper borders available that are self-adhesive?

A - Yes, we offer a range of self adhesive borders here at Home Flair Decor.

Q - Can you reposition self adhesive borders?

A - No, once a these borders make initial contact with your wall they will stick, if you attempt to peel back you will reduce the adhesion qualities and may damage the decorated surface you are hanging on.